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The future relies within

Everything in life is on the move, ongoing, changing, non-permanent.

When we look at the stars, we are marveled by past and present,

we feel in tune with the sparkles we see.

Since eons our consciousness drives us to think of a greater purpose, a greater self: Science, philosophy, spirituality, mans endeavors inspired, even forced by the ongoing evolution of life, investigating, exploring, inventing, questioning, answers not to a might be, but is in knowledge of that basic truth and reflects on an existence at its best, intuitively at one with the continuous flow of energy and in the arms of divinity.

Why is there such a force that drives us to better ourselves and what are we doing it for?

Is our own mortality enough motivation to please our ego?

We may like to be remembered well, as if to have doubts about our collective quest. But if that is all, the darkness has not left us.

Are we driven by our common humanity than, hmm, to honor the respect we attribute to ourselves as evolved creatures, setting us apart?!

At its best and for life as we know it, that comes fairly close and we see it as honorable. A question of measure after all then, and rewarding, as if we were just in for the money!

Praise to those that have reached recognisable satisfaction in the world of man, improving and lifting its quality of misery to higher standards! I ought to leave you to yourselves.

Everything will come to pass, all pillars of evolved civilizations will cease and if we are not open to a wider sense of being, a greater sense of life we will perish just the same, the chances are very slim for a continuance within our understanding of existence. In truth we ought to be engaged because of ourselves, not as a question of measure or comfort or exclusiveness, but because we understand the magnificence of life and in recognition of it. Because of the grace of the divine that sparks every living being, enlightening and uniting us and thus,


the future relies within us!

Today we are many and the gift of consciousness is spread to infinite, reflecting the sands of our shores to the stars and galaxies in our garden.
We know we will lose it all,
30 and at the end of our focused dimension of the now
and for a last time,
we’ll be thrilled by the dynamic of the vortex of continuous creation
and go home.

As bright and colorful as the essence of what we have seen, the finest of our being, shed of all distractions:

the core
freed to move to a different dimension, awaiting oneness and the spring as well as the source, we’ll join the stream of sparks going in and coming out perpetually.


The gates of paradise are open!

Open to welcome you,
open to create a new,
open to see the truth of life

Wherever we look, clear it becomes and with the gift
and life as we have it, as we see it, in the here and now

is paradise.


The core of every living being sparks, creating the ever evolving that is life.
The soul of the finest, in divine knowledge of one, from a different dimension where time is none;
splitting and spreading itself in fractions endless living stars, only to be reached in the depth of our ocean but uniting us consciously, as long as we can stay.

In light of this fundamental truth the obligations are clear:
-to have responsibility towards the happiness of all life including the happiness of oneself;
-to be respectful to all living beings and so open and free to evolve continuously;
-creating a life of wise, gentile and reflected goodwill and wellbeing;
-to be true to the gift of consciousness, in understanding of its global, philosophical and spiritual implications and thus harvesting the love and fun that overwhelms an all inclusive existence in sustainability.

This evidently implies an immediate focus on the protection of the planet as she is the provider, but not to see the necessity exclusively in technical terms applied to commercial endeavors, but to understand it as an all life inclusive objective consistent coherent!

So to change our ways of conducting ourselves, restoring responsibilities and social integrity and self determination to mankind and end an historic lingering brought on by the industrial revolution as time needs to be over those who think a prosperous humanity can be achieved, in relying on willingly giving surrender for a singular gain as guide?!

Uncontrolled greed as result, horrific wars as divided we stand, visionless leaders, stooges of a dixian * lobby, (*Otto Dix and his work) responsible for social degradation and massive overpopulation to feed the machine, utterly unsustainable and morally unforgivable.

Exploitation, even in the name of faith and in complete detachment from our own natural truth…

But finally giving mankind all the tools to break free, as in the end, and for all those that adhere to what’s left of human decency, realisation that there are no more arguments, no more debates, nothing left to uphold what has become so immoral, so unethical and so destructive, perpetually with only one objective: to exploit… and now finally not only to kill the host, but the whole system, the planet and all life itself.

That is what we perceived as the free market economy, a dead system.

We have far passed crossing the line in our socio-political congregations. There is no more integrity left amongst the big populist parties that were so constant in promises un-kept, so well rehearsed to spread fear to obligations just to defend, than hide their own weakness resulting only in training the public to see the exercise as honoring values and traditions that were never to unite a global population but divide and maintain a highly raised sufferance amongst the dependants in continuum:

de facto only overseeing the pittance in crowded labor camps while control was handed over, long time ago, to the big boys playing global corporate unity games outside these walls, unable to find evolution but devastating to the natural mystic.

-We have been so diminished, it reminds us of ancient dinosaurs and the relieve to come;

-so diminished by a geo-political scheme of economical constraints not allowing humanity to evolve freely and with reason;

-so diminished by a generational congestion of wealth in the old centers of the instigators and their illusion and efforts of control while unable to manage nor share, infested with fear to either gain more or lose less, using all tools available to portray a non-evolving thus unnatural system as most just, most free and most preferable, contemplating the idea mankind in gratitude ought equally stop moving, lifeless, just rooting with routine!

-And again, so diminished and disappointed by the betrayal of elected representatives, unqualified, short sided and ignorant but steadfast in ideologies of no values, out to control and maintain ‘order’ but open only to the suggestions of commerce with pittance at best towards the common good:

here we stand, a diminished constraint and disabled population, exploded in numbers but ignorant and away from understanding life, angry if feeding stops but docile to enable a monoculture of exploitation without vision nor goals.

So devilish the game it doesn’t make sense, but accelerates the destruction and fake fading of all values we hold so dear. Exploiting life and destroying the planet and we, accepting the great spectacle, to weak and tired by addiction to even talk, move, think let alone engage and change:


Have the masters of ‘monocultured’ suits achieved their goals of supremacy and pride over truth?

Yes they have but they die equally and paradise was not achieved.

All exercises of higher goals and vision are seeping through all our hands and swallowed the pyramid turned sand.

A sad story of creatures blinded by greed and mislead by exploitation willingly controlled and content in a fake sense of cleansed order and security, but depravation;

de-socialised ,de-humanised, de-naturalised, although seemingly hip, style tight, trend modern and cosmopolitan, denied the freedom and fun of what life really means and so :

Dead all the same.

.The story over!


Stillness and freedom at last.


.but hear the echo….a ripple through the ether…the eternal light, beacon of truth…

the global consciousness… dimensional wisdom :

The emperors on no clues…the butterfly-trigger,

a wave of all…!


At first: a child’s verse and just a smile, than thought, purpose, idea,

,the reflection’,

the inner light to shine a truth beyond to all!

Than the now: the right time, the declaration, it’s here:


At last, a new era has begun!

After eons, finally: humanity has moved from survival to sustainability.

It begins…


During the year of enlightenment, at the first international convention of well-being,


Bangkok the 19 of September 2012.


(insert speech , photo of convention)

Now on record, one can debate it, one can live it, others might dislike, yeah, even hate it, no doubt man ought to praise it. Why?

The truth is undeniable.

Not only spoken and declared, but underlined with art of a deeper greater self,

at one with the divine truth, from beyond the core in all of us.


Reality was found at an official venue in the role of a visionary artist.

However, it is not about him, it is about all of us.

Because a man, so we are human.


To deny is to deny all of mans culture and history, all mans philosophies and muse.

To deny is to go on regressing, leave things as they stand, but be aware: all higher goals, all culture and art, all morals and values empty.

Mankind now with choice of a lifetime: continue to be predators and be condemned by past, present and future, cursed.


All goodwill towards humanity hangs in the balance.


To clear the air:

Humanity has won! Solidarity has won, we are one and the solution is at hand, easy really and those that can’t share, can’t free themselves from greed and try to spread the path of ignorance and falsehood only to gain:

you’ll die.


Now let me bring you there:


Everything starts with peace.


The world has become too small to be governed by nationalism , too small not to allow free movement and free development , too small not to see the plight of millions across borders and across the seas.

The world has become too open not to see the cheating and corruption of leaders across all countries in fear fighting for survival pretending democracy, while entire populations are denied progression and evolution and so the whole of the planet and all of mankind suffers.

A world only to aware of the human rights abuses countless in shame.

A world now understanding who and only who is to blame for the greed, the divisiveness, the lies, the humiliations, the violence, the atrocities, the wars, starvations, the depletion of mans kingdom from mind to land to forest and sea, the pollution even up to space. It is enough; it is a nightmare, a real joke.

but not for the guillotine, but to guide with wisdom an all inclusive reach for a better life in balance.

There is no more power to be defended or to be regained.

Our market system has collapsed, has left us with empty promises for generations and corrupted our representatives and our institutions. Has globalised the world and turned it into a cash machine, exploiting everything and everyone, mans good will and good nature against himself and reduced him to tools; tools made to drink tampered water and be fed with corrupted food and seeds without seeds and all with strict control but without a sense nor purpose. It is enough; it is a nightmare, a real joke.

but to comprehend across the haze, across cultures, across religion, so the torture can ease, the torture of beasts, plants, the torture of the predators allowed to roam as the leisure of the wise lingered for the praised salvation in the ponds of eternal creation.


That is the world of today while, the masses distracted with a little life and small news, imprisoned by a system out to destroy with impunity.

No solutions proposed, no progression accepted, no rational rewarded if not dollar and cents.

Despite our high ethics and enthusiastic emphatic pan national organisations and charters, (the UN, the EU, others)with sworn commitments and glorious resolves, created to lift humanity higher after the double devastation of mans darkest madness ever : the world wars- now coming up to the century of commemoration and …humanity? Slowed, lulled, massively uneducated, specialised but not progressive, green but trendy, young but not restless, rich but not fortunate, not peaceful, not selfless, not compassionate, chained.

The majority though still desperate and ready …

A century of misery has passed and technological peaks have redefined the landscape like volcano’s on heat; on leaving the hut, ones stamina must be favored by the lure of an ancient harp and the will refined by the mercy of a quick death, as the path is treacherous and the ascent perilous only to find the lofty height obscured by a darkened foul haze.

The world has not healed; the struggle for greater supremacy is still going strong.

Mankind has engaged in his own destruction in wasting time and unable to unite, now but out to solve the collapse of the planet itself.

What an achievement, whoa, well done, we have climbed to the highest pinnacle of existence: self-destruction.


It all starts with peace,

a global day of peace,

the first global free day,

for a new era and to show our resolve and our togetherness.

The first global public holiday in all nations to commemorate our madness a century ago and to accept the new beginning:

the era of sustainability.

The 21 of September, International Peace day, holiday of the 21 century.

Certainly not to show our support for a degenerated tool of the rich and powerful and certainly not to adhere to the inefficient and corrupted practices of today, but to find resolve to work together through the UN and reform the objective, get the representatives elected by the people of the world and use the world wide web to do so.

Have representation elected that are wise, uninfluenced and integer.

Impose a supervision into procedures and conduct that are strong and incorruptible by any financial or national, or corporate or any other force that does not serve the principle to restore harmony, equal opportunities and development for all life and does not favor one people’s rights over that of others; find the way towards the respect and understanding in all forms of life ,be it plants, animals, ecosystems and the solution to evolve coherently and in a wider sense of being, and the rewards will be overwhelming to all and the well-being of humanity assured as we have found and adhered to our greater self.

And so in favor of bringing sustainable, just and fair progress to all people in the world and protect and extend natural habitat for all species across the planet, but in the deepest of conviction possible to supervise a market economy and guide it towards wisdom and the benefit of all kind.

Than indeed we have created the platform were all man can stand on, a sustainable and accountable economy that serves man and not as it was man to serve the predator.

Never again ought we hear corporation stressing their responsibility to their shareholders and excuse inhumane and immoral practices; let them be stressing their responsibilities to mankind.

We are not predators, we do not have to kill and we do not have to survive and we certainly don’t need business to corrupt our inherent knowledge of natural symbiosis to encourage us to be otherwise and convince us of past primitive basics: only being of value if we rip each other off to the best strength of our ability one can muster. No, that is the evolution that was always in us, but denied until now. Humanity all over the world has recognised the impossibility of a market system regulating itself and assuring the moral and ethical integrity required to include all of life and lift mankind out of the circle of want, out of a circle of dependency and out of the circle of destruction and divisiveness.

One never was to expect that, but the evident power of exploitation let to dictation and its corruption was too hard to resist. And so the theft of true existence continued and has led to a futile continuation of consumption without sense nor purpose.

And even those that are living the lie in an idea of content financial independence can knowingly be never at peace and equally excluded from understanding life’s true meaning.

A globally connected world owes it to itself to ensure that all those lost, trampled and discarded values that made us man, will be not only respected and observed but judged upon when representation is sought and to go against the wellbeing of mankind by citing market driven obligation would logically defy the purpose. It is now to change and adapt the system to the needs of a population enlightened to the new found purpose of sustainability and self determination including all life and thus creating life as it was intended, to prosper in true freedom, peace and harmony.


However, if there are still doubts, one ought to look at Europe in 2013.

The leaders of an organisation created to shed nationalism in favor of an exceptional and unique visionary endeavor in prospect of fusing countries above nationalistic ideals by still maintaining and strengthening each member states proud identity and vibrant way of life, failing catastrophically and bringing the whole of the already strained and tainted but enduring unity to the brink.

How on earth could that have happened?

The vision was much more in the hearts and minds of each European but their leaders.

Belgium had no government for a record time and the seat of the EU is at the centre of its capital!

Why would you need a government when business controls everything anyway?

Since 1957 the leaders were only focused on the pure basic economical unity, unable to move with the times, unable to see the needs of the people away from the cold ideological lines of a market economy; but worse, an undemocratic purely administrative institution gaining initiative through its sheer size and autocratically taking as given and particularly in periods of crisis the right to decide for the benefit of all Europeans!?

And how do they decide, blinded by the opulence of predators?

They make the people pay again and again, used to hardship financing the whole show since the beginning on additional taxes anyhow!

Was there any thought of a neutral role? Was there any voice of caution reminding everyone why the organisation was brought to life in the first place?

Where were the European parliament and the division of powers so basically relevant if one wants to secure basic democratic legitimacy, let alone aspire to a greater vision?

Was there any reflection what it would do to large and small counties in the union if responsibilities are not equally shared?

No, they did not have the insight, the will, the courage, the motivation. Much the same as when history was allowed to repeat itself in Yugoslavia, to end a century as it began just to underline the coward-‘kameraderie’ of the business driven representatives that were in charge at the time and who are in charge today …

They don’t belong to the same stock, they have shed all decency, are well placed to hide behind a system whose objective is to streamline mans endeavors anyhow. A perfect mix, as these are better people you see, for their arrogance is one that righteously deserves preservation!

But simply:

they never had the tools.

A tragic dilemma.


Undemocratic administrative duty became rule, losing all oversight and not surprising supporting what they only knew since the beginning: the economy, always before its people!

They crossed the fragile line, unaware.

Sure, encouraged by economically successful but psychologically burdened philosophies of some nations and enslaved by their own decade long market driven regulatory role and so muting themselves to the un-abating lobby of uncontrolled and greedy business. But that was nothing new.

They crossed the fragile line, unaware

but this time the guillotine.


Because through their actions, all arguments in support of the values of a market economy have been lost.

All morality has been irreparably jeopardised.

All ethics have been disguarded.

Everything the EU stood for, as the beacon of a wise and all inclusive pinnacle of a free market system has been destroyed.

If you steal the money and the wealth of the citizens that are willing and trusting to support the vision and give all their fruit of their labor to make it work, you can never regain any trust, or credibility, or integrity.

A new era has begun.

Mankind has moved from survival to sustainability.

Everything starts with peace.


As a first descendant of parents working for the brightest vision rising out of a Europe of devastation, it fills my heart with tears to see the degradation of purpose so defined and finds my love shelled by the sufferance of millions enduring the captive circle of uselessness.

With such conditions at hand, il va de sois, to find a remedy and develop het visie that could reignite die flamme per un unita true and just to all Europeans, a project that shows the origin, the present and the future in an openness and a purpose in an architectural landmark as a mirror to all people of the continent and in inspiration to the world!

Alas, and not surprising on requesting a meeting to propose the model and animation, the proposal was not denied as of a luck of funds or vision, but dismissed and lied too, without even been viewed

…and so it stands:

no matter what effort is made to encourage the council of confused to find a relation to the times we live in and the people they ought to serve, no matter what good wind could raise their flag, no matter what innovation, reevaluation or vision, no matter what the world looks like outside their doors, they have chosen isolation and death.

There is nothing in this world that can revive them and so the last straw has been cut.

These are actions of a pariah and so it is, the best of what the market system had to offer has failed and all others fall with it.

The world’s economy is no longer in grave peril, it has collapsed!

Humanity has won, Solidarity has won, mankind has a new beginning!


Although we can see the global reach of a business community spanning around the world, ruling and dismissing governments at will, as we could so dramatically witness in Australia, where an elected Prime Minister attempting to finance an independent educated nation on minimal increases in tax revenues from the vast but wasted wealth of the mining sector that steals from indigenous soil, only to be discredited and dismissed.

Although we can reflect on the results of a society infested by such harsh commercial control and understand what choices Australians have left to better their plight, when predominant parties, the socio-political climate, media and everyday life, are encouraging the theft and the un-sustainability of an economy, not only putting the whole country under siege and turning the population into humanoids: highly active but completely ineffective, extremely fearful and grossly uneducated and so very efficient at wasting their hard earned lives; but offering no long term prospects to overcome a ‘monocultured’ dependency and start liberating a chained kind.

Globalisation of enterprise through only these two examples irrespective of the intense harm on the environment is ill prepared to give any advice or any consideration on how a modern society ought to regain a prosperous and harmonious social fabric and finding greater life quality, joy, happiness, freedom and true progress.

These are actions of a pariah and so it is, the best of what the market system had to offer has failed and all others fall with it.

As we are all Westerners, or Asians, or Africans, or Indigenous, one can appreciate the immediate necessity to evolve now with determination and overcome the yoke of an unjustifiable economical market system uncontrolled, discredited and collapsed but still holding the whole world in its grip and indiscriminately destroying

all life. It needs strict guidance, as a united enlightened global society of the 21 century cannot stand in its shadow.

A globally united society open and at peace with itself and in strength to evolve the treasure of its past cultural and ethical achievements, observing the just vision of liberation, brotherhood and equality out of the yoke of unimaginable degradation in gratitude and true oneness to those who have fought before and find the anticipated courage to emancipate and regain an integrity worthy of those sacrifices and a continuance worthy for those to come.

That realisation will be the guide to mankind and to all new wise leaders of this world to solve the issue under an equitable and comprehensive roof that must be a reformed United Nations , EU, etc. and work for the safe guard of all of what makes us man, before the magnificence that is life as the new found might of wisdom will destroy all falsehood like a storm taking good and bad but leaving time for the saplings to follow the rotting roots of their forbearers.

And with dismay and horror seeing the desperation of mans courage empty over existences, like the dry masts of once mighty trees, one needs to look to new shores, only to find their gleaming shine now driftwood, floating if of revenge in wrong waters and in time of no value, never knowing the mildew of a morning freshening that awoke the forest for a new day.

And so there are no more shores for salvation of a weeping soul but the ever presence of dimensional light filling the realm of a greater consciousness spanning beyond mans time and great hope emerges on remnants of an intricate but confused wisdom diluted from an essence that need no more than a whim to transgress eternity.  

Remembering the enduring natural and cultural evolution, the continued reliance on natural cultivation and understanding the fine and intricate balance, the passion of potion, the extensive awareness of the powers acquaint and of gifted minds and a wisdom feared.

And in following the misguided path of past powers and the present transgressions of the protagonists of a globalised economy, offering their own ideology in earnest to just one contestant in anticipation of maximal short sided profits, willing to serve a new master unconditionally, now China to rediscover the truth of the ancient way and the kindness to cure the dependant’s disease, but discover an evolution that was never allowed while always carried and find peace of purpose in the small and throughout the world:

And simply shift the focus from controlling and being in fear of minorities, easing control and giving respectful self governance and free, just and sustainable development, but strengthen the continued resolve in overseeing the market and its business ventures in exemplary terms and be part of a global unstoppable reevaluation and regeneration of efforts! Taking part in the vision, the purpose and the Unity that will bring self determination to humanity in this new era. In doing so, earning just praise and gratitude from all those that will finally be allowed to share their goodness within and to the rest of the world, rediscovering respectful and mutual trust in a world of regions, that now can be in the light, but foremost to evolve with the rest of the world in unison for a sustainable, free and peaceful era in self determination.

With the fat snake humanity will move out of the circle as the dragon was never to be awoken!


  A continuance with things as they stand will lead to a comprehensive global collapse, and open the gates of hell once more . There are no more options to be had than a rethink of the international institutions that have hindered and disappointed and bring them in line with the new era of sustainability and equal opportunities, self determination through a supervised business model that serves all of mankind.  

The effort is to gain more freedom for all. It becomes imperative to assure and cement mankind’s legacy in everyday life to protect all that is good and true from a weakness that can’t be overlooked.

The truth that comes from within has an intensity that is much greater than mankind’s exposure.

Everything starts with peace and the international peace day as the first global holiday with the objectives explained will achieve a much greater humanity.

It is about time we find a purpose for our existence, and liberate ourselves from consumerism and continued exploitation without meaning. It can never be achieved by the economical model that died but through the gift of consciousness we process and in accordance to the value we cherish on a planet that offers us live in abundance.

If it is our way to destroy that, unable to find an all inclusive present and future we have serious psychological issues and are living an unpardonable lie, and so I encourage everyone to rediscover the sensibility and respect in oneness channeling a sense of paradise for all living beings and a greater consciousness to envisage a peaceful and coherent way forward.