The Wider Consciousness
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The Final Frontier
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An Occurance
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In this little story I like to share some of my insight and hope to entice the reader to a new and different thinking. It will be a comprehensive journey to which end I hope, one will have a much clearer idea about some fundamental questions or at least find a platform upon which a greater vaster vision of our existence can be shared. It is a large field, and one can only offer details relevant to the quest.
After all, since my public declaration in 2012, we live in a new era of self-determination and sustainability (although the word is now plainly used and abused while unsustainable behaviour still goes on and the planet and its life is pushed to the brink, unabatedly), so it is only natural that some further reflection must be presented to invigorate mankind!
The quest still in its infancy, time for the necessary change dissipating, thus thoughts also have to be spent on socio-political and sure faith related traumas, that are in need to be overcome in order to evolve in truth to ourselves, if any of humanity’s ethics and morality is valued at all.
Non-the-less, after this essay, nothing more can be done to motivate, as the thoughts are presented plainly and easily to comprehend. It will from now on be upon mankind to move into the appropriate direction and use all means necessary to overcome the agony and find the right quest:
Our purpose on this planet is to promote happiness and the goodwill to all life, as this is paradise and we have one conscious life only.
Elected representation needs to be satisfied in promoting just that and refrain from territorial protectionist agendas and manipulation. The world has become much too small while all of mankind is interconnected and awake…
At the moment we are still evolving in growing shadows.
Consciousness relates to happiness, not to misery, torture, abuse, killings and totalitarianism.
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Through the explorations and observations of earth and space within a scientific framework, man of today has acquired a much more comprehensive view onto the forces and the mechanisms that are at play, driving our universe, our planet and our lives amidst others.
Not that we can claim to know everything, as science is always the science of the day and brighter ones are upon us in this great and endless pool of consciousness.
Even though and particularly when using the word consciousness, things seem to dissipate and immediately become challenged.
We understand that science will always somewhat leap behind, as theories have to be tested, analysed, reviewed while in the meantime life goes on and the intricate inherent knowledge continues to flow through life’s abundance; one just need to look inside and out, question and think.
Consciousness and particular sub-consciousness is a field were scientific analysis per se struggled deeply. Today there are some encouraging signs, but the parameters of science need to adapt to an open frame, in these fields so profound and essential to the understanding of our self and our world, often pre-empting comprehension but ultimately furthering the quest.
In our search for answers, we sometimes need a break, take air, refresh the mind, empty the thoughtfulness for a moment, meditate, sleep , dream, a vision maybe: than the protagonist re-emerges after many failed attempt to solve a problem, now with the solution, a new way or even the invention!
How did she do it? Where did the breakthrough come from? What forces or mechanisms are at play? Were there makers along the way that brought her to new shores and was she open to them?
Hm, maybe these things are just to be expected from a competent researcher and while some have got it others haven’t, and thus no further need to protrude into areas that evade rigorous analysis, tested observations and reviewed proof.
Is that how we like to continue the approach in discovering ourselves?
I think not; it is in our nature, and not only ours, but also that of animals, to be inquisitive.
And that fact by itself already offers a clue to a deeper from of continued consciousness.
Obviously, I am thinking here about the processes that are creating ideas, all cognitive thoughts and actions emerging out of our mind and our inner self, the sub-conscious, the notions and hunches, dreams, the telepathic field, meditation, the visions, even mysticism in or out of disclosed traditional knowledge or natural bound unity, the awakenings, everything that connects and unites all life forms to the continuity or flow of a larger dimensional wisdom, forming the counterpart to the mere physical existence and together, builds life’s completeness;
let’s call these: the large aspects of metaphysical coherence.
(Figuratively: two magnets, a small one buried in our inner makings and a large one spanning universes.)
With our evolutionary self-awareness and our perceived unique consciousness a necessity arises to communicate in rational coherent terms about a subject that is inherent to life, inherent to animals and even plants, reflecting upon the confusion humanity is confronted with, while using a pure analytical mind and ending up further away from the wisdom that is buried in every life!
Thus opening a necessity to rethink our actions in life, our philosophies, our social and political awareness, our culture and traditions, our belief or non-believe exposure.
In quantum mechanics, small particles appear and disappear out of apparent nothing. Science tries to analyse our brain functions but hasn’t quiet moved above the mechanical stage, where electrical impulses are stimulating our synapses and creating connections, responses and thought. The interplay with other factors, influences and conditions are still being explored and some research tentatively is opening larger dimensions, attempting to find answers to our fundamental conundrum: Where does a new thought come from and what is the point of consciousness?
Is it possible to understand the process through just technical, static scientific perseverance?
Is it maybe that the physical parameters are set to create something out of nothing, here a thought, and would that not be a logic consequence to the understanding of quantum mechanics?
Wouldn’t that than not also flow over to the so important lightness of being, finding a consequence to an intangible subtleness, an ineffable reality that would prepare us for the eventuality of even finer dimensions?
One must ask too, if the revelations of deep space or astrophysics and quantum mechanics have their purpose much more to the understanding of the workings of our own mind, as they are the driving force to explore and excite, finding the edge of existence or its beginning?
Could it be by solving the consciousness question, we simultaneously will answer the mechanical or technical makings of reality, or do we already know... and only the last frontier remains?
We can see that a reflection already appears to what our purpose might be and what life in this universe really is all about!
A permanence in higher consciousness, evolving as intelligent beings to a level where we can be at one with the continuous flow of metaphysical force of life, that is spanning through different dimensions.
We always had the key in ourselves, but finally ought to awake to the realisation of self-determination and harmony with all life.
Mankind’s perception of a world in disarray today would certainly hint at a fork in the way...
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Maybe incentive enough, to move life onto a reflective path of enlightened harmony with all (animal plant, nature, worlds, universes, dimensions, etc); towards a world in a new era, as the basis to a truly modern world, finally receptive in understanding the fundamentals of life?
Let’s say the exploration and exploits of science at the edge of today’s knowledge actually have their merits in understanding the finer, larger metaphysical capabilities of our own mind in an evolutionary context. The then found balance may lead and enable us to find the larger and conclusive comprehension, accepting unity with this continuous flow of dimensional consciousness and ultimately and finally providing the answer and the purpose of our existence.
This might however be extremely challenging for science, as the clear marked boundaries might become blurred and philosophy will take over, however as we will understand, in an exponentially evolving world, assumptions might just lead to new perceptions to which science can find new ways to theorise thought…
Only then will our consciousness, compassing our comprehension of life, become vast; there are dimension upon us that are exploding our perception of our little comfortable reality.
These perceptions of reality are mostly deceptive, but we feel comfortable within them, and have taken ‘measures of average’ and terms as ‘usual’ to create norms and parameters to accommodate a sense of order out of chaos.
However arbitrary that may seem, it certainly confines us into conventions and conformities to mostly exist on a small platform of reality; and as we are the perceived fittest of the gang, have tried to make life turn around us.
Maybe it is right, maybe not, maybe inevitable but within that pretext, in this pretend modern market-driven society, we as a larger united unit, sure are wasting a lot of time to be productive for petty things and just might miss the whole point of our existence, thus failing reason.

urban footprint

By trying to distance ourselves from nature and our natural self, busy being professional, we still need to breathe the air, drink the water and eat the food, sleep... but further, through our ability to have a sense of ourselves and a recognition that we actually exist as individual units, we also have a deep sense of belonging, not only in relation to actual places in reality, but a deeper sub-conscious belonging indeed.
Evidently we are pretty bad at making good sense of it and very much have let others guide, or mislead us into all sorts of rubbish social conformities, beliefs and religions that are harming and diverting us from (re-) discovering our true inner-self and the unity we strongly feel with all other forms of life.
By having evolved and being in contact with others, be they man or animals, we experienced the benefit of a social frame work, a group dynamic, etc. but we also have observed group behaviour abundant in the animal and plant world to reveal an understanding that life seems to attracts life on a much more profound level.
A strong conscious and sub-conscious connection to all other life we fundamentally know and share, maybe more appreciated in times when we were still natural people, but we know it is deeper than that, we know that this universe, this planet and the life it has created links us to our core.
This core caries the knowledge that connects us to that greater permanent form of metaphysical flow of consciousness and builds the complete being.

lolly cake

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The Natural Connection
We must appreciate the connected but different reality of our close relative, the animals and even the plants. We are able to interact with them to our great satisfaction and probably to theirs, (as the inquisitiveness, thus the learning, relates back to evolutionary necessities) although a dimensional rift divides us. We certainly have found easy and simple ways to overcome that rift: being calm and observing, shed all fear, nor have anger and pretty much focus on our true self, animals are becoming interested and even interact. A bond is formed out of our ordinary box.
It really becomes interesting when meditating with insects! Even there, an equal undiscernible oneness emerges, comparable to a meditation with other man or mammals. This further exemplifies the widening of the mind to an invisible oneness with all life forms and evidently shows its existence unreserved to what we perceive as privilege only to man.
Here we sure pass the boundaries of science, but it nevertheless has become a recognisable, well observed and documented reality to our existence and our consciousness.
We appreciate the fact that animals have a complete different insight to the world and it does science a great disservice not being able (yet), to see a similar metaphysical tendency in them as in us.
It also does science a get disservice to exploit and torture animals in the perception that men are of higher value. It may be accommodating to use animals for scientific research, but morally and ethically it can’t stand as it is not true and a continued betrayal to the natural world and the natural spirit and it’s manifestation in the continuous flow of consciousness.
If a modern society bases its values upon scientific research, science can’t be its own guide and accept wrong paradigms, valuing one species over another or becoming closed minded, arrogant and limited to simple knowledge in specific fields of research.
The continued everlasting dimensional flow of consciousness is the only form of spirituality we ever truly knew and part of our fabric as of that of all other life and thus ought to be respected and understood, so that mankind can truly evolve and re-discover his reflection.
One certainly can understand the cause of man’s ambiguity, as on the one hand we need to eat the animals and plants, thus kill them to find continuance and so are tempted perpetually to avoid the difficult ethical questions. In doing so we unfortunately avoid simultaneously a deeper understanding in who we are and the meaning of life.
We cannot discern ourselves from the same coherent life stream that flows through all life forms, well aware that it brought us to a flawed perception of reality; where life, be it human, plant or animal is being mono-culturally produced, thus degraded with no purpose what so ever , when at its end the consummation leads to the destruction of life itself!
Thus it is of the essence to understand our consciousness and the reason for our abilities, only than is it acceptable to kill plants and animals to sustain a re-discovered balance.

perfect balance

The respect whoever is a simple one, there is no need for offerings to perceived deities in religious rituals; what is needed is an understanding of the responsibilities of consciousness and awareness of pursuing a life towards that wisdom.
A reflection and change are expected, as in our time the peril to perish are exacerbated under the current perceptions wherever we look.
Ancient and natural cultures have understood the values of a symbiosis in respect of an animal perspective, as being one with the food source, recognising the oneness of spirit. It might be time our modern world links itself to that ancient knowledge and acts and improves according to these paradigms and not through finding continued moral and ethical excuses out of cultural or traditional corrupted social or religious indoctrination.
Just ask yourself, how do you define spirit away from your religious conditioning?


There are many examples of animal interaction that can’t be explained by simplistically following instinct.
I encourage everyone to spent some time with eastern philosophy or with indigenous societies to widen ones spirit, but maybe start with simply asking yourself what are animals doing when they are not hungry, in heat, or concerned about threats...and what can their placid lucidity teach us ?
Why is the cow’s eye considered wholly in India?
...and then, there are the plants too!
Entrusting that you have found the right answers, we can conclude that there is a cross species exposure to a fineness of wider consciousness with diverging interpretation of reality within a common life supporting planet, creating the basis to now further explore the larger aspects of metaphysical coherence in existence.
A great example is the whole story of the Aborigines and their oneness with the land. Interesting here: white man with a western based faith, has tried to remove, kill and diminish, than convert the survivors; however their oneness with the land for over sixty thousand years and probably since the end of natural migration, resulted in their spirit still and always being part of the land.
White man will have to remove the’ terra australis’ from the planet to remove the aboriginal spirit!
“How is that possible? I can’t see it, it’s just earth, dirt, dust!” some still would say.
Yes, dust, over 4.5 billion years ago, before there was earth, there was dust…
Well, to get a sense of the subtleness of the wider metaphysical consciousness, let’s look at an easy introduction:
Water divining in a skill that particular in arid countries, is of great importance. I have met a water-diviner who never failed to find a water stream; he also senses the mineral composition in the water stream beneath by using small amounts in his hands while holding the metal rods. By trial and error, he can sense a magnetic reaction.
Marking the ground where a stream lay beneath, he offered the novice to have a go! At first, there is nothing and one wonders…, than there seems to be a pull, but one is not sure if it is intentional, after a while: oh, no doubt there is a pull!
Our bodies are to 90% water; it makes sense to have such abilities.
The magnetism that underscores the skills of a water-diviner relies upon a sensory awareness in the same way as blind persons are resolving their reality.
In the urban modern world the necessity to train or only be aware of the depth of our senses has been very much decreased and overpowered by efficiency and selective constraints to adapt to the desired profile. We are highly exposed to visual comprehension to stimulate our lives. The emphasis of such a society relies upon a mono-cultured productive premise which consequently leads to restricted abilities to function as complete beings. This by itself in the evolutionary context shows an overwhelming diminishment.
For the professional person, there isn’t really any time for contemplation, realisation, awakenings, etc.; general numbness, increased disorientation and fear are better words to describe and blanket unattended suburban survival parking, but entirely and willingly open to indoctrination and sheep mentality.
However, when it comes to understanding the existence of even finer dimensions and our exposure to those, the question is not if they exist, but if we are sensitised enough to connect.
So how is such society supposed to grow in unison to the evolutionary bind that science so proudly has established, let alone achieve a larger understanding of the laws of nature?
A perception of evolved, a internalised unison, a notion of wisdom can only be found when looking beyond the bright lights, as when they going out, deep darkness befalls!

sticky men

In our physical world we find elements that are in solid form and dense, others are liquid, gases lighter than others and space without gravity and dark matter; it is not farfetched to further follow the lightness:
Adding thought, adding the synchronicity of thought, telepathy and the larger aspects of metaphysical dimensions!
Science might like to see a barrier to what is known and can be analysed, the inherent truth that governs our existence sees one consecutive and logical flow! It all reflects the wider togetherness.
Consequently, when looking at the uniqueness of aboriginal immersion into their land, we discover that the permanent fabric of finer continuously flowing consciousness and their common inherent comprehension out of an opened inner-self had merged and united them in a comprehensive oneness.
A connection not only within the one and the many but with their environment, the animals, the plants, their land, present and past. A completeness arose as understood was the path and nature provided what is to be provided while man respected, cared, lived in symbiosis, ultimately reaching the paradise in the now, comprehensively and sustainably for sheer eternity!
What it also shows is the importance of the larger aspects of metaphysical coherence in consciousness empowering mankind to such an extent that his participation in reaching this higher, natural, transcendent and everlasting level of consciousness, permitted to unite his whole existence into the earth and the natural environment he is at one with for as long as the land exists, even if his descendants are removed from that land at a later stage.
So to say mankind’s natural immersion into the continuous flow of higher consciousness has fused a permanence of his spirit everlasting as that continuous flow of consciousness itself.
A permanent footprint; Mankind’s tint.
This now represents the ultimate to man’s purpose and reason to consciousness, as the caretaker becomes the wise elder to the land, to the plants and the animals and reaches self-determination and sustainability in the right terminology and beyond any dispute.
This undisturbed natural unity that existed for a considerable long time now offers modern man serious reflection upon understanding his position towards that universal truth.

root country

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While living the natural way, so obviously shames continued enforced western belief structures, (be they Christian, Judaic or Muslim) who all have integrated many pre-religious natural customs, rites and truth to legitimise their quest, but in the cause of a short history have so completely lost all credibility and purpose, revealing nothing more than being practical to the conquest of imposing ones dominance. In light of the naturally acquired greater metaphysical truth, it becomes idiotic to mention any benefit to the evolution of mankind. It was a hindrance.
So much so, that in close comparison the aboriginal continued existence without a need to adhere to an evolution of conquest and repetitive thieving, their way of life reveals a far greater benefit to the wholeness of mankind, than the entire influence of all religion for their short time of confusion!
Now, does it not become evident, that a continued undisturbed exposure to a natural way of life leads to a basic comprehension to achieve awareness towards the purpose of life?
And does this fact not reveal in itself a philosophical and spiritual opportunity for modern man to find a long lost inner peace, as containing the true ingredients for happiness, the meaning of life and the paradise in the now?
As far as the recognition of the true sense and ultimate goal of life is concerned, evidently the Aborigines had sufficient space and undisturbed time to reach such an understanding, away from the usual revolving pressures of civilisation development.
What do you think this ought to mean to a modern society?
To dismiss such findings any longer will be only to the detriment of growing towards a viable world society, as nature and those at one with all, will find ways to correct the imbalance independently of the misconceptions of selfish man.
Until than what will a blind continuation of current diminishments offer humanity, when avoidance of moral and ethical adherence continues to be replaced by shallow consumerism?
Life’s purpose can’t be perceived as fulfilled by understanding the ethical questions to what it is to be human and then continue to find excuses to subserve to a common trade denominator and accept restrictive behavioural parameters to protect the illicit gains to a few!
Humanity can’t use public representation that is exclusively there to manage the trade revenues! Trade must be submitted to the benefit of all life. This is the preamble to successfully resolve the transition from natural depletion and man-made climate change to the new era. Choice has now been all but chewed up.
The path however is straight forward:
live in harmony with all forms of life, take as much as you need, look after the earth, the plants the animals, and understand the connection to your environment. Than realise the effect such living will have upon your being. From there your inner key will unlock itself, finding a inner deeper harmony to reach the reflective greater metaphysical flow that’s spreads not only through you but through all life. Respect all that and you and yourself will find the happiness and the paradise in this life. Aborigines lived into it since birth and after death!

x-ray tree

By living in harmony naturally, one’s gate open to the fineness of a wider consciousness and thus naturally to the understanding of a oneness with the unrestricted flow throughout existence, integral to the fabric of life itself. But don’t get carried away and think stiff: only us man, urban man, with our sense of consciousness can grasp this continuous flow, (although with logical difficulties and scepticism as suffering under acute sensor y depravation!) when animals are exposed to it, naturally!
And as we are talking about a non-matter, is it than not possible, it transgressed the beginning of our universe, and was there long before this universe ever existed?
Is it than not so, that this continuous flow of finer metaphysical qualities is of major importance to the foundation for life itself?
The missing link to the completeness of life.
The big bang, black holes, matter, dark matter, the universes in all their complexities and follow-ons providing the physical framework to the eventuality of creating life with the purpose an evolved consciousness to mirror and fuse in a trans-universal unity!
The only connection we have, to not so much galactic or outer galactic life, but to life outside the whole of our universe finding the harmony and the bliss to our inner inherent knowledge. As we have not only the physical stardust in us, but evidently the oneness to the trans-universal enlightened glory.
Evidently this hypothesis opens up whole new reflections upon the vastness of consciousness and cries out to refocus our intentions while we are alive as there might just be so much more to evolve too…
And so, can the structure of universes not be repetitive?
(For the purpose of simplification), like a hybrid cauliflower that goes under the name ‘Romano’, (i.e. chaos theory, fractals, etc) existing of interconnected universes with evidently the same building blocks to create and sustain life (as those always remain the same)?
Maybe through the observation of the ‘vortexian’ balance of black holes, who already seems to order chaotic explosions, we can deduct possible funnelling of matter towards forming new big bangs and so new start-ups of new universes in other dimensions?
A much larger, self-propelling endless multi-universal construct, but with a constant flow of a finer metaphysical consciousness connecting all dimensions.
f so, or even if not, is our understanding of life and our universe not somewhat limited and could life not be far far more complex and interconnected than we see it today?
A continuous thread or stream of life, transgressing self-propelling structures, and the only way we may connect, would be through this metaphysical lightness of consciousness and the abilities we possess in our deeper natural self!
Finally reaching oneness with the true force of life, enabling us to move beyond derision and division.
As mentioned, in order to access this stream, we all have the key to listen to our inner sensibility: contemplation; focusing thought towards no thought and we connect to the continuous flow of the force of life.
It may as well be that since eons we are connecting in such a way, we call it prayer and imagine a fictive, positive, most potent all divine glorious reflection of our self, while in reality we are just focusing our mind and our energy upon our inner self, finding that life force in order to bring about positive change to the misery we usually unaware and unfocused set free and are left to endure.
It is well documented what benefit meditation, reflection, hermitage, breathing practices, yoga, sarco-cranial therapy, trance, etc. brings, but it is also important to mention the simple immersion into nature, thus finding a oneness through our inner self in connection with existing life, as the basis to understand with all our senses the everlasting continuous flow of metaphysical oneness.
One ought to also look at the evolution of faith throughout mankind’s path in time, maybe it really stand out that finally we are evolved enough to exist freely while having left all superstitions behind…
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It is astounding that such simple and actually natural behaviour and thought patterns of man are in need to be advised and can’t any longer be seen as given since all spiritual exercises have been lost while framed in our conventional religiousness, which lead to centuries upon centuries of suspension and avoidance in finding our true self! And while the druids and witches were burning, so went the necessary continuance of the natural knowledge. Mankind was left in superstition and with inadequate religious indoctrination and consequent diminishment, forced to live with a hole instead of whole.
Under such conditions moulding of young souls is quiet successful, while in control of the context, the experience becomes emotionally overwhelming, than easy to imply beliefs and the exclusiveness to a divine of supernatural abilities. In the reality of natural people however, the initiation ceremonies reveal an opening of gates that leads to our inherent spirituality, accessing that continuous flow of lightness of consciousness, building a bridge between the individual core and the continuous one, eventually ending in fusion.
But maybe better to fuse while still living…
Shame upon the true criminals who exploit, hide or diminish this magnificence of life, perverting an awakening through confusion into belief structures of unproven divinity, and additionally implying fear to achieve obedience. Even an animal in sacrifice is a crime, so what about whole humanities sacrificing theirs for the false hope of an afterlife?
How diminished mankind must still be to tolerate such infamy?
(And how disrespectful if by any dimensional understanding and unparalleled unlikeliest of unlikely, an uninvolved divine would stand behind, offering a self-determined paradise to larger consciousness and those with the ability to reflect, decide to dictate! Repent believers repent! haha)
And if on an hypothetical positive note: mankind’s behaviour while being blinded can be excused as immature , once enlightenment was reaching the thoughts ,even with such unlikely odds of a divinity, and for those who still desperately cling on, mankind does not deserve any further salvation. Imagine this paradise was given by a divine, seeing what man does with it, finding a social order that is based on unsustainable consumption to the point of destruction, hm, it must truly inspire?!
Such exploits of different religious interpretations of consciousness can no longer be accepted in a self-determined and open minded enlightened society.
It is just over.
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Who is to say that the benefits we receive out of that inherent permanent connection to the stream of metaphysical life is not a self-propelling phenomenon where we access a form of all comprising everlasting multitude of past and present life, in this and other universes and other dimension?
Reaching not only a most strong and unified contributor to life, but access the immortal permanence we always are deploring of not possessing, but ultimately unescapably awaiting?
Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, maybe it still belongs to an aspect of higher evolved consciousness to be able to comprehend that continuous flow to the fullest, while completely leaving a physical body behind. Maybe this is the final purpose of evolution that will lead us to a state of immortality and final oneness. And so in being born with the key to find our deeper self, using it to unlock and tune in to the larger flow of consciousness and gaining revitalising strength to our journey, we also get a glimpse of an afterlife and the coming home, evidently fusing with that stream!
An individual perspective at first, a life strengthened with its energy, a final homecoming to oneness!
We can’t escape. It looks like a plan. It looks like we are bound in an inter-universal quest to which we have just awoken!
Maybe our mind and our consciousness have a certain distance to travel and evolve to accept these certainties, but they are sure much more beneficial to a peaceful world, a unified world and an enlightened world than the religious indoctrination modern and tolerant societies still today have to endure, and in contrast represent an inherent verifiable natural truth to existence and life.
So it may very well be that the large aspects of metaphysical coherence in consciousness opens us to the understanding that all our morality, ethics and open-mindedness, relies and reflects itself upon a greater inter-universal self-propelling oneness against which to disagree and organise life against, makes no sense but results in the disastrous resignations Buddhism reflects upon in the samsara.
The there described endlessly repetitive revolution of sufferance however, cannot be upheld, primordially due to the comprehension that life itself, consciousness itself, the ability to recognise a self amongst other, a self amidst a splendid abundance of life is ample sufficient, even if only experienced for relative short time, to open ones inner-self and find realisation of the paradise of the now …
…if born into paradise and exiting prematurely, being diminished, mistreated or tortured doesn’t undue the paradise …
and then, there is the fact that life is love!

Stinging B

Finally and consequently, as more and more women and men are becoming aware of the inner light in reflection to the continuous flow of the larger consciousness, awakened and enlightened, eventually a threshold will be reached that will tip the balance and mankind can finally move to that new era of self-determination and sustainability, reflecting the truth of existence. It is unavoidable.
Mankind will find its peace when able to alleviate all sufferance in reality.
This does not mean that sufferance itself can be eliminated, it means that man is destined to find paradise in the now, thus when in pain, finds solution out and understands the privilege of sharing life.
A Buddhist resigned motivational practise to higher wisdom can’t excuse a non-interference to motivate mankind to reach that goal, instead further effort is needed to enlighten a global world community of the benefit of education, contemplation, and realisation of life’s wholeness.


We already know that this part of the building blocks of life, this light continuous flow of metaphysical consciousness is not neutral, nor is it negative, it clearly has a positive objective.

The strength we acquire by going into ourselves and the strength reaching the continuous flow are enough to underscore that fact, even though the magnificence extents much much further and wider.
According to that, mankind must show a reflection in its reality, in our everyday life and live with the goal to pursue a positive existence: happiness

selling happiness

Not only for ourselves but to all life we encounter or have influence upon, regardless if man, animal or plant.
Further to that, as it is clear, by accessing this continuous flow of consciousness, our being benefits and grows and so does our awareness and our influence we have in life.
If the continuous flow of consciousness is self-propelling and the force gives us strengthening positive powers, what does that say to who we are and what we are doing at the moment?
We have opened our mind. The awareness will give us powers that are greater than we think!
It is recommended to find a trusted guide, although a privileged, sensitised and true spirit will have his path lined out and will reach enlightened and a oneness with the elements.
This fact might bring chills as at first; however is a logical consequence to the undertaking, and only another step before the levitation upon the pristine lakes of conscious peaks!
So much so as to be surprised if it would not be that way!
The power of thought in a world that is made for us, where our thoughts progresses our destiny and that of our planet, would you expect anything else?

enlightened path, or…@@@@

The understanding of enlightenment usually portrays a perfectly positive reflection of the true foundations of live and consciousness, as all contrition’s have been overcome and only a most pure form of being remains.
With a cultural tradition in toe, gold is usually used to emphasise this fact in admiration.
Unfortunately, the exemplary stories of these extra-ordinary pillars of humanity have not stopped the process of destruction and devastation of the greater good and the absconding of humanity into a dark and self-destructive abyss.
Thus, there might be need of more to be revealed …
With revengeful joy I like now to describe the sad reality of a Nz Maori, who crossed my path. He finds himself incarcerated in a mental facility diagnosed with hallucinating paranoid schizophrenia, thinking he can influence the elements. He certainly receives measured pharmaceutical treatments as to improve his condition. Not do I know if he really can influence the elements, nor if there is a severity to his condition, but what struck me, was that he was from an indigenous community, he is now receiving care by a white geographically remote community, who in turn is very much lacking the communal integration that was present before the arrival of colonialism.
Instead New-Zealand’s white society is more a remote representation of individualism so cherished by the lies of an American dream market model.
Could it be that this person would have had a better life experience if the indigenous way of life could have coexisted with the diminishment?
Would he not have had his potential gift integrated into a traditional framework and could it not have helped his people, his group, thus humanity?
Can we white man of wisdom afford to dismiss outright claims of metaphysical powers or natural gifts and attribute negative, unwanted, contra productive connotations blocking any investigative inquiries? Would that not restrict our field of knowledge and hinder us to grow and maybe (re)-discover who we really are?
And if so, is it not mainly due to our concern about social harmony and the misconception about natural knowledge? Imagine someone who actually can influence the elements, what power would be upon him and what vacuum created!
It is than not understandably better to medicate, isolate, ignore and dissuade?
But isn’t that a bit too easy and what is that for a modern society attempting to sanitize itself?
What about the power, or the fear to lose power?!
Since years I am engaged in exploring the edges of consciousness, in an attempt to understand the various facets of the power of the mind.
I have come across various mysticisms, beliefs and practises, and certainly listened to an inner self, finally reaching enlightenment and the oneness with the elements as well as the oneness with the continuous flow of finer consciousness which in turn puts one in a position to try to influence the cause…
Acknowledging that the social framework, the basis and dynamic of a society, is not a guide for what the power of thought is capable of. Through my interest I found it necessary to remove myself completely from what is accepted as being normal and entertain the risk of being considered as delusional, paranoid, crazy, in the same way as our mentioned Maori friend.
The reason to do so, stemmed from the deep dissatisfaction of the diminishment of mankind, nature and the hindrance by greed driven agendas of a system that has turned upon destroying all.
I realised, that the elected representatives of all democracies are much more drawn and tempted to use their privileges to engage in arbitrary goals to move their own causes forward, promoting divided and partial societies and thus abuse the power that has been entrusted, thinking they can use it as they please.
This is however never according to the principle of democracy, which we all know is the only option for the people of the world to move and then maintain a coherent peaceful and self-determined existence.
Evidently fundamentally important for elected representatives is the objective to serve the wider community. To serve!
The failure to adhere to this simple obligation over considerable time, has now thrown the world in a terminal socio-political death spiral, comparable to the climate change trauma, struggling for balance while perpetual conflict, war and death are inevitable outcomes.
The population today is to its majority worldwide united, in giving governments and politicians very limited credibility and trusted confidence and no greater sense of decency in promoting their cause, wishing to have government interference removed as much as possible from their lives.
If there is a leader of integrity, it is the very rare exception to the rule.
I felt that maybe through empowerment of thought and the realisation that thought is driving our planet, I could make our representatives understand that they have no power at all and all can be taken away.
I offer two examples out of verifiably very many:
In May this year, I wrote an email to the Australian foreign minister asking for a somewhat drastic helicopter intervention to save two silly but rehabilitated ex-drug smugglers, innocent thus and now artist and councillor, from execution in Indonesia, as the Australian government put them in such dire position in the first place. (Their police force informed the Indonesian police of their intentions after a tipoff).
I warned that if it would not occur, it would have natural repercussion, as it always had when I write mails.
Two days later, a wild weather event killed 6 people in my area in Australia.
The second example deals with my frustration of a project refusal in Europe and the stealing of my art name e~ for the Eurostar train symbol. When I found out I contacted the EU and advised them of my displeasure and added that it would have repercussions and joked that Eurostar now ridges on a divine symbol!
The aftermath was devastating, as at least four trains derailed in a matter of days,under which the sister train, the ‘Renfe’ at a well-known pilgrim site!
Evidently under the accepted norm of science and society of today, it is clear that these events would have happened anyway and are due to natural and man-made events as a consequence of a living planet and ones focused attention is, some may even think narcissistically(but certainly not!) driven to be impressed, drawing associating retributive conclusion for injustices.
And sure there are ongoing disasters all around the globe and relating all of them to human or divine intentional retribution would be blowing the exercise way closer to pathology, however with an understanding of being part of a much wider reality, who is to say that these are good moments for mankind to reflect and maybe reassess the way forward…
It goes without say, that I feel completely innocent of any involvement and not for an instance intended to harm anyone. This is certainly never the objective.
But fascinating in a sense that such possibilities can co-exist with our far reaching abstraction of thought and the concept we have of awareness, and may even be a sign of further evolution of our mind, playing with a wider consciousness, where things aren’t as simple anymore.
Do I have a sixth sense that is buried with-in my sub-conscious, a sensitivity, or is there intentionality?
Is there a higher force and am I gifted to merge with it?
Are we to assume that there might be more sensitised people on this planet that are contributing to events in retribution of a wilful chosen path of devastation, but are staying quiet about their awareness, or is it a self-propelling collective phenomenon of stored negative energies waiting to be released?
If so, how could negative outcomes be in tune with the knowing that such a force can only be a positive one?
And how relative can a scientific explanation of the causes of natural events be, when reaching a wider oneness, understanding that conscious thought processes form this planet and our thinking the future?
Can the ‘act of God’ be upheld?
Today we entrust our knowledge on scientific expertise, but must acknowledge that large domains still are to be explored and sure we know the physical parameters that produce devastating storms, earthquakes and even asteroid collisions. But does this knowledge change anything as far as the potential possibility of thought is concerned?
The devastation by itself is more a perception of negative implication to us and our future, thus our fear of being harmed and logically implies that we are not happy if we get harmed. Why are we continuing to harm, destroy and place ourselves in positions that could extinguish everything, and is it than not acceptable to try whatever means one can muster to redress the misery?
But more to the point, if we can conclude that the future is within our thoughts, time and space a variable, synonymous with evolution and also continued reoccurrences of disasters, can thought not only have a sensitivity but also the power of initiation?
It can’t be denied, however it never can be achieved without a little particular ingredient!
The force relates to the continuous flow of consciousness und a 6th sense is at its origin, however it seems that a certain ‘to be heard’ element impresses the mind to think it contributed, even initiated the events.
It might as well also show a collectiveness of thought is contributing to a certain true cause in an effort to redress divergence towards perils in this finer dimensional, larger layer of consciousness, that than can be accessed by those with a gift, sensitivity, or a larger quest in the same way as when we reflect upon our inner-self.
Impossible for one mind without accessing the greater flow to harm or further others anyhow, thus even in an absence of a divinity per se the presence of this force reassures humanity of a greater self.
I can think to help the sufferers overcome tragedy, if I don’t dig deep it is doubtful it will work, if we use our connection, we know we have a better change.
It becomes evident that this force is a self-propelling force initiated by the evolved consciousness of intelligence; evolving naturally from primitive life to the highly self-aware progression of abstraction of thought into not only understanding but continuously propelling this dimension. Thus it is further plausible that it spans a unity of finer consciousness of intergalactic and multi-universal oneness.
This force generated and free to be accessed by the thought abstraction of every woman and man living including echo’s of all past lives and the mentioned potential of life’s in different galaxies and universes creates a higher force concept that actually has omnipotence.
As far as the objective of being able to use this force, within a likely sub-conscious potential of collective amassed negativity flooding the finer greater consciousness and unleashing itself in events as these described, underlines a certain possible insight towards the complexity and the vastness of our abstract thought capacities, but always and only ending in stern reminder to people in public office, in business and in position of power, that their work must be to the service of the greater good to all life.
Any aspirations of power become now futile indeed!
If a person can use such force with success, it ought always be considered with serious and grave reflection in societies at large, as not a single person and certainly not one that wishes to enlighten and empower mankind can be blamed, but the sufferance and desperation understood to what extent (if indeed true) one thinks one need to go, to redress fundamental ills.
The purpose concludes by also showing the futility of a belief system under which such apparent powers would be considered as prophetic.
I don’t consider myself as a prophet at all, more like an explorer of life, so if indeed my purpose is to warn mankind of the manipulation and abuse of power through the forces that are driving a destructive system by using the power of our collective, everlasting consciousness, what do the representatives of this uncontrolled predatory system have left?


Those are fascinating questions, particular as science, society and mankind of wisdom today cannot deny the possibilities, this said it ought to be remembered these are though ideas exploring the wider abstractions with a sensitivity that easily can take the protagonists for a ride, in the same way as others may get impressed by belief in mythological accounts of divine intervention!
In any case, democracies can no longer afford to pretend adhering to their pillars of principles while actually no longer trusting its people and desperately clinging to trade as the supreme arbiter to humanities fate. This is called economical fascism, and the Anti-terror laws are very much the outburst of increased panic to lose all, even further strengthening extremist forces.
Stupidity will never succeed, and a market driven society is stupid.
But getting back to the exploration of this wider consciousness and the limitations and conformities society imposes:
If the force is positive, mankind rejoices from the connection. If it is negative, potentially destructive and breaking the acceptable norm, is the protagonist to be considered crazy, scary, marginalised, hospitalised?!
Well, I am so sorry; you can’t have the one without the other. These connections consciousness provides may well be the nature of things, and that nature is always in love…
It may have to do with context, as the traditional natural societies are disappearing, the framework for women or men with special abilities is no longer wanted or understood, this doesn’t terminate the sensitivity of some…
Instead we all are to be living in a so called modern society guided by certain set of rules, that at best ought to offer an abundance of tolerance due to our peer reviewed scientific knowledge and the evident secular freedom after overcoming all dictatorial religious and thus unchallengeable mystic.
Sure we know that in the past un-education was widespread, and people were easy driven to believe, has that really changed today?
But could it not also be that those special abilities were abundant once as they are a comprehensive part of our fabric, but through our path through time we have lost, or were forced to give them up. It seems only minority groups have remained (indigenous people) or those with a framework of longstanding philosophical wisdom or impairments (the blind), still maintaining an awareness towards heightened senses and sensibilities.
This than logically resulted in a modern man being left diminished and impoverished.
Even Buddhism can’t escape cultural criticism. When we look at Milarepa, a famous Tibetan Sharman and later enlightened Lama. According to legend he could influence the elements but later understood the futility and moved to enlightenment. Thus we hear from him, he can stand as an example.
Would it have been the same if he continued to throw disasters upon the unjust?!
Ah, legend...and the impossibility of eventuality! Yes, nevertheless, a certain religious philosophical framework safely framed his life.
Marpa was his teacher; his spirit also was my teacher...
Milarepa reached the top, his compassion didn’t cease his intentions, it was his unity with the continuous flow of the force of life and the futility of involvement, thus his levitation ~
My understanding is much more towards the wish to empower humanity as a whole and thus through all the basic fundaments that shall promote a fulfilled, free and self-determined harmonious life,
it would be good, if from now all of humanity can follow…
Injustice may also be a key-word in the sensible wider world of greater consciousness. Could it be that the present profit driven model society, overwhelmingly channels a negative energy, that continuously only needs a butterfly wing flap to discharge devastation?
Well you might think things are over-interpreted here, but just ask yourself about self-preservation…a biological driven behaviour pattern: if one thinks one lives in a society that perceptively provides a safer, richer and easier environment than others, pretty soon the fear will come about to justify all kind of harm and efforts to defend instead of share…
If one sees this pattern ongoing since eons, but understands that today’s progressive systems have in their foundation the goal to move humanity upon a global higher level, but finding themselves stuck and continuously betrayed and powerless in the face of arbitrary greed using all methods possible to keep humanity as tools, is one not obliged to think outside of the framework imposed by society and explore larger possibilities?
If meteorologists speak about the physical weather conditions in such sensitive terms, how likely do you think it is when enlightened humans frustrated concerns about the manmade destruction of the planet and the diminishment of a born free spirit are channelled and erupt ?!
However, we ought to appreciate that there is another way:
we continue to do and carry negative impulses and negative things will happen as we act against that flow in the same way as negative things happen if we were not opening ourselves, finding ourselves and becoming one with all.
Once there is oneness recognised, we too are participating actively in self-propelling the greater dimensional interconnectedness and our efforts will become tuned to the continuous wisdom, seemingly completely free in will and actions, but ultimately kept due to the physical forces that drive the universe and the knowledge we already today can deduct and never escape.
Since I am writing these lines and sensitised by the points I make, more and more reflections of those points appear in various media outlets, functioning completely independent from me. So can such similitudes be simply explained by my impressions, as to maintain an arbitrary cognitive framework in a social context and order, or if the wisdom flows freely between ‘the small magnet and the larger one’ (remember!), can the cause not be an outcome from a true and just wider abstraction of thought and underline the evolutionary quest to wisdom and the emerging sense and purpose of our existence underlining the dynamic of social interconnectedness?

Is it than not evident that such awareness will eventually enlighten mankind out of the diminishment towards a global happiness in self-determination and true sustainability?

The imposed predatory social streak needs to end.

hunt or evolve

There is no obligation to force man to be happy; it is simply the objective of consciousness. Freedom and existing life always will have priority thus choice. And particularly when we have to diminish our thinking and acknowledge the unthinkable: democracies becoming self-indulgent and paranoid.
It is precisely for such reason that the new era has come about. Mankind must realise the meaning and the purpose of life, and that in self-determination and take control of destiny, of the right way forward with the right foundations and the right objective.
In comprehending wider consciousness, understanding the sensitivities that drive dimensional wisdom, these existential reasoning’s may have further crucial relevance as I ask:
Is it possible that this multi-universal link in a self-propelling motion influences our collective consciousness as we do influence other consciousness out there?
Can it be possible that our fate relies not only on our free will but influences our free will according to our inherent knowledge out of our core, once attaint and in touch with the finer continuous flow and vice-versa?!
If so, would that not further motivate us, energise us to move our action to the right and continuous sustainable path and further warrant the necessity of self-determination , assuring us of the importance in rediscovering and maintaining mankind’s true purpose?
As if we fail, the fail would be like no other loss of intelligent life, a broken link and a dimensional creation without the intended revelation.
Could such a blown out candle launch an ill wind extinguishing the whole Christmas tree or more?
As sensitive and coherent as the understanding of dimensional lightness might be, one could debate such thoughts out of a strong self-determined philosophy, alas today it is only due to stupidity!
but no, as the continued flow provides us with the necessary evolutionary understanding, the likelihood that mankind will reach a certain threshold of greater knowledge and enlightenment will represent the only way to solve our self-destructive predicament, in a great similitude to the already exponentially spreading wider interconnectedness.

That interconnected oneness will reflects a consciousness that will hold the power to overcome the oneness with the elements of a few, that of many to that of all.


It is highly plausible that scientific exploration to uncover the mystery of life under physical or astrophysical aspects will only end up describing the material building blocks as conductors.
And so the sense and purpose of existence, of life itself, can only be found and comprehended through our thoughts and the evolution of those...
And so the sense and purpose of existence, of life itself, can only be found and comprehended through our thoughts and the evolution of those...
so that not what is out there leads to a conclusiveness, but actually what is in us.
The stage is always set that life can exist. No accident brought us about; time and space are building consciousness.
Therefore, we understand what life is: paradise.
It is logical that we act accordingly.
Later on we will finalise upon what to expect from our last journey and the passing of all life, the exit, reflecting …
But building further, we aren’t and never were alone, but part of a much wider community, so much more effective, so much more enlightened and so much more to our reflection, thus so much more to our happiness, exponentially increasing awakening in interconnected oneness, self-propelling our efforts and energies to move the world towards paradise and the natural way of living in truth.
Remember, this continuous flow of consciousness, leaves marks of every live that has come before on not only on this planet, but in an inter-universal connection. However it is only one’s mind and thought and inner-self that can access that oneness.
Superfluous as it may be I like to show a simple evolutionary example via an interesting but challenged experiment of the ‘hundredth monkey’ conducted in the 1950th, were monkeys on a Japanese island were introduced to sweet potato, thereafter to be dug out of the sand. Monkeys took to the sweet potato but evidently hated chewing with sand. Eventually the young ones learned to wash them and gradually, the whole of the population acquired the ruse. While the older monkeys did not warm to the beneficial method, the young were getting older while sharing their skill; the population evolved adopting the method!
It was assumed that the skill was even telepathically transmitted to monkey populations on other islands without contact, in an earlier attempt to prove the influence of metaphysical forces at work.
If so or not is however irrelevant. In understanding the workings of the continuous flow of dimensional wisdom it is sufficient to appreciate the simple learning which eventually evolves to improved skills and reflects a well-established theory upon which it is in logic to assume a continuous transformation of behavioural learning that lead us to what we are today to where we will go tomorrow. It relates far back to life’s obligation to be inquisitive and therefore learn and evolve…

…in light

I use this example to point out an evident evolution to our physical journey in time that must include a cognitive one. A thought relies upon the physical parameters to make it possible, but the result is no longer physical and a whole new abstract concept of endless creativity reflects our understanding.
Debate arises, when thought processes can be related to other thinkers in a certain context, however we are also aware of telepathic thought processes, for example when close friends or partners are communicating and one thinks of a thought, but does not speak. Suddenly the other utters the same thought!
Some research has been done in using this idea to think of a much wider phenomenon, the global consciousness, were thought of one or many spreads upon all. Proof for that is certainly hard to come by, but in evolutionary terms it can’t be disregarded as a possibility and the assumption can be deducted on simple observations long known to men: understand a reality and see a greater self.
The large aspect of metaphysical coherence is large indeed, but the sense of our thinking and thus our consciousness is to understand its purpose and its meaning.
(Reflection upon ones inner-self) In many religions or philosophies, a meditation or a prayer: a global effort is made from time to time, to motivate the many to focus on issues, like social harmony or world peace, etc., the outcome is not in the realm of proof, but an understanding of thinkers stands behind recognising the concept and the benefit.
The benefit is still mainly towards the involved, and all sort of justification to the limited results are brought forward: maybe not enough took part, maybe the time was not auspicious enough, maybe the protagonist were not concentrated enough,
or maybe a still to greater of injustice ought to be overcome, maybe the power of many can’t be measured equally, but it also can be, that our evolutionary knowledge of using our thoughts towards a greater goal of global consciousness ought to be encouraged much much further…
Is that not the wider, real benefit of such action, that we all are participating in strengthening the continuous flow of finer consciousness?
Even if scientific scrutiny of the power of consciousness evades, (and will be, as long as the ‘100th monkey’ experiment also reflects acceptance behaviour in the science community and humanity at large), it is no excuse for inertia, not from a comfortable scientific community, and sure not from a market economy and a dependant society to un-naturally discard ancient inherent knowledge, and reflectively base their action upon what their own science over imposed, knows after the fact or doesn’t, and continues to live as if change is unwanted and un-natural or even superstitiously.
Anyhow, with a physical numeric tool that joins mankind around the world and a not visible, perceived not immediate threat, humanity might just have made a giant leap towards a global consciousness!
In accordance to those findings, a continuation of the present model of unregulated exploitation of nature and her resources towards the extinction of life itself, has no purpose and is equal to waste; together with continued degeneration and diminishment of man’s spirit, by means of propaganda for preserved riches, ultimately only feeding the machine with already widely visible devastating implications upon the natural integrity of the planet, uncovers not only a clarity of dictation against humanities interest, but also an unnatural regression in evolution that bears the seed for unavoidable change if not revolution.
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What is the past, the present and the future?
The past is when we look into the stars, as what we see needs time to reach us.
The present is what we are doing now.
The future is our mind.
Sure it is much more complex, but it is a nice example as one can be in the 3 stages at once!
This planet is our paradise and we are born with love and freedom. Thus we decide what we would like to do with our life. If we have a plan that is in tune with these simple but deep laws of nature, we will experience the paradise to the fullest.
So the power of an open and enlightened mind gives us the know and the purpose in unity, in a super multi universal oneness: happiness to all life and the energy to promote paradise in the now, in reality to enjoy and respect.
It needs to become an obligation to those who lead humanity to observe these simple rules, if mankind would like to have continuance.
From here on, it would be abhorred for any religious framework, to accept any restrictions upon any man, women, child, born and particular born healthy.
The world today has to come to terms with a dimensional perspective that ought to be driving education and reflect the physical realities of our existence.
For instance the space time continuum will help humanity to place themselves into a greater cosmic reality, opening the gates to wider reflection upon the harmony of dimension towards the large and the small, the out there and the in here and thus eventually reaching a much higher consciousness while being able to find ones proper sense of being in unity with the vastness in perfect balance with the smallness.
Now imagine what would happen if our scientist will be able to create a black hole and start pushing matter into new dimensions and starting up a big bang in another universe?
In accordance to established religions, have we than not become Gods ourselves?!
In any case, by just uttering this thought, the majority of us will find it perfectly conceivable that this could happen very soon, therefore is it not sufficient to rebuke all still present forms of untrue ,thus repressive religious restriction upon a modern , open-minded and tolerant society striding towards one world community?
There is just no more space to accept that some have been freed and others still bear the brunt of arbitrary religious intolerance mostly and cruelly imbedded in corrupted cultural or traditional values to the sole benefit of finding continuance to a class of agitators fearing only to lose their protector status and continuing maintaining a grip upon large sections of humanity unable to evolve in accordance with the natural truth, continuously keeping a potential that actually threatens the enlightened world indeed.
Is it not already time now, that humanities efforts can be finally united and our religious and spiritual guides across our little planet convinced to refrain in confusing us, refrain in allowing mankind’s social and political leaders and representatives to defend irrational and untrue spiritual values for the mere short term benefit of taking and maintaining power while only continuing in dividing and diminishing mankind?
Diminishing humanity by removing the individual and free exploration of one’s own inner-self and restricting man with guidelines to mould a certain kind of people in the eye of an uncertain existence of Paradise in another life by the will of an unknown, unverifiable creator, a superstition?
Who has given them the right?
...and the only excuse is the fear of chaos if established structures are transgressed?
Look around, the Chaos is here, evidently due to those established divisive and false institutionalised structures, now causing mankind to be plunged into a state of transformation…
the Chaos might just get worse, and it is upon those that know the fundamentally good of life to move mankind.
It is time the era of self-determination and sustainability finds momentum, as only the stupidity of man is to blame,
the enlightened path remains open...
The fact is, in an absence of an intervening divinity the focus never should have been upon excusing one’s own incompleteness but strive to find inner peace, although misguidedness towards a supreme being is understandable as mankind own weakness promotes so much sufferance and in the absence of wisdom, belief is all there was.
That certainly does not excuse the circumstances and the diminishment, but it also doesn’t legitimise a continued exposure towards superstition.
However as we now realise, the right spirituality (continuous flow of consciousness) is very much a part of life, even if some science of today would like to conclude with Steven Hawkins, that a black hole swallows all, life, light, time and spirituality.
Most likely the assumption was made while thinking of the antiquated and false perception of religion, and sure, superstition ends when we start understanding. No need to wait for a black hole we already can appreciate, that this quote was deducted from exploring and analysing behaviour of matter and certainly has no bearing upon the lighter metaphysical flow, the counterpart of life.
In a dimensional sense such reduced views are not much different than the assumption of a divinity guiding and loving us all, but very much letting us do how we please and evolving through natural evolutionary parameters! Still it portrays the length one is willing to go I trying to enlighten humanity.
But both assumptions actually reflect the exact counterpoint of the truth, so to say an oneness of misguidedness, and that than is funny as it drives the religiousness ad absurdum!
Unlikely as it may, a creation or an initial start-up of a than flowing on of perpetuance of universes as the building blocks to create a consciousness in reflection, very much leaves us with the same strength and connectedness that must promote the truth: self-determination, freedom, free will, an idea of live and let live, an ideology to help and assist all life for the better, and peace to solve all issues within that understanding.
This than would equal the other view of a self-propelling multi-universal existence without beginning and without end, where the perceived higher, supreme being is just the consequence of evolution.
Within the second given parameters an assumption, that life is following a path of progression joining a level of finer consciousness, enabling continued creation of further universes.
Interesting here the fact, that once a new universe has been formed, it stands alone as far as physical interference from the previous universe is concerned! So only, as mentioned, a metaphysical connection can be found.
A dimensional echo!
It may well be that in a universe there are more than one life sustaining planets, but to find a physical connection back or forward through time…good luck!
What is true however, after we have overcome these misconceptions:
An existence of a super-natural being or God it is no longer relevant and has no further bearing!
The opening of our inner self and the unity with a wider finer everlasting flow of dimensional consciousness is known as long as we exist and fulfils us with all the qualities and strength to find the true enlightenment in self-determination.
Now to emphasis the point, imagine there are no multi-universes, but only one, man is not and never able to push matter through a black hole, can never understand the makings of a big bang and further dimensions in- or outside our universe are not existing.
Would such proposition take anything away from your persuasion, that self-determination and sustainability to find continuance and the sense of our consciousness reflects a natural way of existence and evolves due to life’s abundance, life’s gift, or life’s interconnectedness?
One that is enlightened knows there is no more need to believe.
The physical side of life with continued evolutionary progress and the continuous metaphysical flow as a positive force and our exposure through our sense of reality and our unity through our inner self is the foundation.
What do you want to believe beneath knowing?!
Oh, sure! I see, you like to know what happens when you die and if there is an afterlife.
Further in this text please find the revelation to the conclusion of life, maybe that will convince you for the benefit of progress and peace, for the benefit of fearlessness, for the benefit of love, and to the benefit of life in paradise, the now: perpetually with a oneness of all past lives, be they man, plants or beasts…

animal friendly

So from there one to continue to torture and make people believe and take them away from their own spiritual development is cruel, inhumane and evil. It has nothing to do with goodness and in not in line with the continued flow of finer metaphysical consciousness and the natural truth.
However, if mankind likes to continue to pretend out of whatever for cultural and traditional reasons to refer to a God when actually empowering oneself, it must be understood that it refers to a second best option, as the focus is often only used when needed due to predicaments or wishes and aspirations and not conducive to the strengthening of the inner-self.
We have recognised the basic inquisitiveness of animals due to survival obligations, combined with the senses that stimulate the nerves towards threats, be they predators or due to environmental exposures; they represent profound incentive for learning, and another reason for our evolution. It therefore is evident that the search for knowledge is essential and inherent to consciousness.
Belief however gets one killed!
Much better to move onto the well-known path of natural enlightenment…
Seriously, a continued exposure to knowledge and scientific research in some parts of the world and a similar continued focus on belief, particularly if belief is restrictive against the evolution let alone exponential evolution as we see it today in other parts in the world, might just lead to great unnecessary divisions amongst a yearning world population for unity.
These trends can be avoided if mankind refocuses upon what the purpose of our existence actually means. We live in times where a global unity is paramount to assuring a secure foundation for lasting peace and equality within a self-determent enlightened mindset, promoting true sustainability for the planet.
This than will set the framework to solve the self-destructing economical processes to which we are all exposed in the now and continue to be if unable to understand the oneness of existence.
Today we see that traditional religions like Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are finding themselves increasingly challenged and pressured legitimising themselves; not due to the no longer relevant debate of an existence of one Supreme Being, but rather in a social context of a modern society continuously evolving fast.
Some don’t even realise that they are finding themselves in a death spiral, but think that a return to traditional religious values is great and a consequence of common human anxieties.
But by doing so all fall into a dictatorial, reactionary trap, blind to wisdom but unrelenting to even drag all achievements of other open and tolerant societies, that supported their development in the first place, down with them!
The truth however, modern man through an exposure of individualism and heightened demand on productivity, a loss in his abilities and senses, resulting in a detachment from his inner natural self, is really left, not knowing better as to follow the crowd.
And what the crowd follows rarely has vision.
Catholicism ravels in greater enthusiasms at the moment, only due to less draconian policies and a charm choice of top chief, but so does Islam while Israel tries to recall as many Jews as it can.
Catholicism ravels in greater enthusiasms at the moment, only due to less draconian policies and a charm choice of top chief, but so does Islam while Israel tries to recall as many Jews as it can.
Buddhism thinks the always reoccurrence of the life circle of reality is equal to eternal sufferance. To the latter I admit the premise is a good beneficial training exercise with amazing results; however all the above mentioned religions or philosophies have not achieved a global drive to peace and harmony, open-mindedness and tolerance, humble and compassionate success upon the violence and destructive powers of man. Some sure have given their life, have enlightened themselves, most have lived fair, some heroic, some visionary lives, but the perversion of paradise is still continuing.


Only now are there chances of reversing the trend. And this trend does come from understanding the intricate inherent knowledge that is buried in every man, women, child and every life and the wider everlasting dimensional reflection as the other building block of life and the necessity and right to determine one’s own life.
Paradise starts with just recognising for one second that there is air, wind, water, land, nature, animals, people, earth and the oneness of existence... Enlightenment, all in all. The sufferance is nothing, for not a moment of consciousness.
That awareness will spread there is no doubt, the time is right, the means are ready, the vision clear, the truth offered, it will spread to every house and community around the planet, thus a momentum eventually will be found that unavoidably will tip the balance towards a global movement.
People all want the same, living in peace and happiness, in love and in a sustainable progress by having the tools and being empowered to do so.
All the pride of one over the other will become very hard to maintain, as the flow will reveal the futility only too clearly.
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Global exposure towards a trade model promoting happiness in form of easy riches and individualism, but imposing its own rules upon society to maintain a maximisation of profit has achieved commoditisation of ethical values and moral guidance that are not only foundational imperatives to a modern society but are reflecting the aspirations of man to reach a greater self.
It is like a cancer to the spirit, and humanity as a whole is very well reflecting the natural devastation and extinction we witness as a result.
In an historic context it actually reflects a tragedy of preposterous proportion, as we are to acknowledge the reasons: colonialism (power of the fittest) and financial interest to maintain a power structure of behind the scene conservatism!
But what is to be conserved? What values are their left to adhere too? What faith is there to continue to believe in? All that was tried, imposed, indoctrinated, forced and blackmailed upon a world population to make her follow those arbitrary reasons, ended up in complete and global devastation and diminishment that even the perpetrators themselves are now threatened?!
It is easy to talk about democracy in shiny pictures when the control of media and the lull of tv is in the hands of the corrupter!
Sometimes one thinks the French revolution is still ongoing!

colonial toad moving ashore

The liberties and tolerant open-mindedness Europe enjoys today are very much new to socio-political endeavours and a result of catastrophic devastation in an historic battle for tribal dominance in the western, than the global hemisphere.
It is often forgotten that the achievements to unit and progress under a common roof are the most promising and successful for modern man.
They already are an example to other parts of the world although loose and stagnant, corrupt and inefficient, but are holding the key to a reformed world body like UN:
A world of geographic regions with equal say and power, (do I have to mention them? Ok: countries south of china, ASEAN expanded to include greater India, Japan, Korea/China/South America /Africa/US/Europe/Russia/ and the Israel-Muslim and Arab areas) totalling 8 regions ,with an effective goal and in true purpose to existence, thus united under a reflective truth for mankind. This will be the future if mankind would like to find continuance.
To solve ‘the’ global crisis, the slow and most dangerous of threats ever, unity is paramount; the self-determination of nations and their citizens towards happiness, aspiring to a tolerant, free and respectful open minded, educated and enlightened world in harmony with nature through strengthening and reflecting the natural truth and promoting the paradise in the now will be the only way for mankind to find continuation and peace.
All other objectives are false and driven by gaining advantages in divisiveness and will prevent humanity reaching higher consciousness.
One often can’t understand the inertia, as the natural knowing really doesn’t care. If acquired establishment finds itself too weak to overcome its exposure to unsustainable growth, too weak to overcome immoral diminishments of billions of women and men in work without purpose, to threatened and paranoid about losing their world standing, a natural integrity wasted, we than find ourselves already in post times and change will be placed out of their reach and a cataclysmic harmony found.
Thus reason already and always wins.
The achievements of a united Europe are to be considered and respected carefully:
Not because the true purpose of existence is not yet recognised within that union,
instead continuously tearing itself apart, and not only by imposing extra financial burdens upon the populations while portraying paradigms, entirely eventuating due to self-inflicted predicaments in conforming to pressures and exposures to a business model that simplistically ruled it’s foundation, now so outdated, but still promoting those forces perpetually in driving seats (!);
Not because the result reveals a badly loaded ship, slow and in a bind to re-shift, re-pack, re-norm and still maintaining the same wallowing course since 1957, when the threat of socialism encircled the golden coast(!);
Not because of the continued and expected collaboration with fascist business ideologies, where families born privileged in public office or trade, still think they hold the inner keep, and by the way have profited abundantly from the united vision, while continuing to undermine a more consistent and true union, thus sure supporting secret surveillance and enhanced disinformation(!) ;
But due to the blindness that has to be expected of such young adolescents…
It ought to encourage, invigorate and pride every European to see their concept still alive after nearly 2 generations, as it is not due to the frail but corrupt, privileged but deluded that were at the helm until now that have achieved it, but under difficult circumstances the dynamics driven by the multitude of nations and the energy of their citizens.
When the time is right, when the threshold is reached, there will be change, the presumption is true.
The variable is only the cost…
In early paradise, when the ocean rose and split Tasmania from the rest of the nations, the evolution took the fleeing inhabitants to celebrate life for 6000 years with only 22 tools!
It is clear though, that a modern society cannot evolve and is in danger to be fatally challenged by excesses of fear or greed, by a resurgence of fake beliefs and arbitrary rule. If however a logical continuance can be adhered to that was always a verifiably part of human nature and evidently underlines the right values that are the fabric of humanity in reflection to the large aspects of metaphysical coherence of consciousness, such a society would have found irrefutable legitimisation to her values of freedom and tolerance, open-mindedness and progress to the benefit of all life, etc, and thus is in tune with the purpose of existence, to support and stride to lead humanity to happiness and the paradise in the now.
This most importantly emphasises that the awareness of a fusion of the two building blocks of life, our recognition of reality and our knowledge of unity with the eternal flow of dimensional wisdom builds an existential, thus a shining light through all aspects of life and sure, an unsurmountable safeguard against all influences of arbitrary indoctrination and false religion. It reflects a fact based basic understanding of self-propelling consciousness and so the inherent connection to wider wisdom.
Again and evidently such wisdom excludes the notion of god as irrelevant while the goodness of life and the purpose guarantees the completeness of man.
One can refer to the continuous flow of life as divine, it sure is misleading, as it does not imply any religiousness, but a common inherent shared greater consciousness that is based upon a scientific view of what makes us human, being a logic conclusion to the possibilities and consequences of thought, an engagement to self-determination finally becoming whole, but it does not undermine the laic society at all, instead encourages thus strengthens, as to find her or his inner-self in freedom and tolerance.
There are no imposed religious obedience perspectives, which man must obey in order to maintain a social coherence or worse in expectation of afterlife glories. Humanity sets the framework as it is in us to know the love and the bliss life provides.
From then on, would it not be much more beneficial for mankind, if those established faith groups would open themselves up to all man, unite as one and assist all man without discrimination or diminishments and focus on the brotherhood of man, the respect of the natural values that guides life: indiscriminate love, proactively engaging in supporting and moving mankind to completeness and happiness, thus abandoning any intention to unfoundedly indoctrinate or even consider acquiring allegiance by those they assist?
Understanding that this is the only conscious life, and in doing so, in unison with the intention of a modern secular society, gaining an integrity they never had.
As this is the purpose of our existence, to achieve paradise in the now, for everyone and every life, in freedom, respect and tolerance, with humility and joy, with our youth in turmoil, a maturing spirit alight and enlightenment for later days, as long as we are conscious!
Until now it seems mankind just has been cheated out of it, by an evolutionary bind, being forced to apply the concept of ‘survival of the fittest’ equalling fascism.
We are just at the beginning in building a truly modern society and overcoming all arbitrary harm that still exists in more countries than not, reinforcing our need and awareness, our vigilance, to safeguard this precious young tree from all potential threats abundantly present in many forms.
We are aware
of the internal financial extremism that grows uncontrolled in many nations still believing that a free market economy would be the answer against arbitrary rule and the guarantor of self-determination and freedom. But by doing so, undermining and sabotaging all efforts to portray ethical values and morality at large, and only equalling arbitrary established belief structures in pretend to know a thing called God or a trinity of divinity.
Interesting though, still today both protagonists like to go hand in hand in many so called conservative perceptions; readily promoting their quest with attributes galore, using respectability in self-portraits, to continue pursuing unsupervised business opportunities, but also seeking public office.
There are nations like Australia that are actually run like corporations and logically unsustainable.
The torture the population have to endure on a daily basis by being denied proper education, services, innovation, freedom from overzealous colonial tainted police and representative rule, as no socio-political, let alone democratic framework is yet in place while time for the ‘test case ‘nation, is running out at precisely the same rate as the wealth has been removed from the indigenous people. They are still there, will the white man be too, or is it more like the mining town after all has been taken: desolate?!
If this unsustainable and disgusting corporate domination and dependency called ‘the American way’ continues to corrupt the world community, mankind’s wisdom will end up reduced to remote places to find the real meaning of life, in the same way as indigenous Australia today, while the vast majority continue to just be diminished tools, enslaved by the survival of the fittest and false promises that only profits a few predators.
That, while the public thought a French revolution, a declaration of independence, a victory over fascism, a visionary union of European countries, still unique to the world, would have left its mark of the unbearable suppression that existed prior
Ridiculous, after the excess of greed and the near collapse of the ‘’free market system”, those who were responsible, are unabatedly pushing for renewed trust to again run for public office, while a tax paying global population needed to bail them out!
Just to show where the pretend power lies, additional stronger control and surveillance have been imposed, scaring and scarring the population. Terrorism is much less a threat to the people than it is to the stock market. And the stock market is the one that has turned you into a commodity.
Those predators actually think the public is really stupid, in a bind, in a fix, addicted.
There narrow consciousness in thinking there is only one way, unwilling to change, even though financially astute, must realise that life is paradise, thus baring heavy responsibility for the misery that has befallen the world, an inexcusable theft to a spiritual awakening of a global consciousness.
They elected a president that pretended he was the protector of the suppressed majority, but once he was in the house, he changed colour, it’s a bright shiny white house you know!
After 3 coups (1963 Kennedy assassination, 1968 Kennedy assassination, 2000 electoral fraud and Bush election)it was the ultimate chance this nation had to move back to the just and right path that was lost in 1963. From now on, they can vote for a monkey as president, before the world take note, but it just might be the answer: Belgium didn’t have a government for 15 month and things were fine!
Such is the erosion that no further criticism needs to extend to all the dictatorial allies that are permitted to maintain a world in disarray under such brutal inhuman rule.
Is it not obvious that a nation incarcerating their own population via multi adding punishments without any possibilities or intention to re-integrate the offenders will bring the same unacceptable devastation and crimes against all the people in the world?
Such a nation was never made to become a superpower, as swamp boys can’t be sopranos.


In today’s times if one is with the perceived world leaders, one is with dictation and control.
Long gone the social innovative years, what has happened?
Simple, no new elected governments were able to repel repressive and anti-social laws from a previous one, ever!
The talk is even now to accept fewer liberties for safety. This will guarantee the final collapse of the system and humanities ethics, as a mind filled with safety concerns certainly must be confused in thinking to lose on gains, thus it is a fear induced perspective not at all in line with well-being for all.
It is good news, as there are no more world powers, but necessities to adhere to well-presented principles corrupted ever since; making it now even easier to acknowledge, that only a self-determined, well-educated world population with inherent knowledge towards the cause of our existence and our purpose can overcome and find the paradise for a global community and all species on this planet.
I think the extent of the Snowden revelations is not yet fully appreciated by the world. If democracies are manipulating and spying upon all citizens, democracy ends.
We know what it’s called. An East-German Stasi style totalitarism ruling the world!
Interesting, every time so called democracies are victorious over opponents, it seems they adapt to their qualities. First they won over the totalitarian and fascist regimes, only to become totalitarian with brown streaks themselves, than they win over pretend socialism and its repression, only to use worse surveillance tactics. What will happen when they win over radical Islam? Are we all to become moderate well-adjusted docile Muslims continuing tainting public life like Christianity or Judaism does by giving fake legitimacy to conservative idealists !?
…and for another, we no longer are to be considered paranoid, if we think the government is spying on us! What an infamy.
We can appreciate that the vibrant dynamic that sprawls in healthy democratic subcultures, the essence that drives humanity and consciousness, very much needs to be comprehensively strengthened in the face of this authoritarian fear driven cancer that still today is poisoning a world community as the colonial attitudes of many nations has flawlessly transgressed into a business dictation continuously demanding tougher restrictions upon an addicted and ambiguous middle class.
In such a sense it than truly doesn’t matter what faith, culture, or background the population is adhering too, they are all content having achieved a uniformity of mono-cultured proportion, but to what purpose and what are the goals?
When flying over Malaysia, where native Jungle has been not only replaced by unhealthy Palm oil plantations but also with an astounding settlement infrastructure, the simplicity of the question jumps in one’s mind: what for?
Now this is going on all around the world, but interestingly, the vibrant dynamic of healthy democracies is nowhere to be found, not in Malaysia, not West-Bank settlements, not in Australia, not in England, and certainly no longer in the US. An out of their brain bored way of existence. No more starvation(and I am very positive here), but no mind food neither. But what has been found, is an imposed structured way of orderly black and white conduct initiatives…the real threat to the democratic principle.
Is it than wise to debate restrictions of freedom towards a common good?!
Should the question not be: Is the common good endangered by restrictions of freedom?!
Are we aware,
that the tolerance of religious differences and the freedom to adhere to this and that voodoo might also exploit and undermine the modern society? Particularly, as she cannot offer (at least at the moment and until she is wise enough to adhere to the new self-propelling principles that are making humanity whole) a spiritual value of her own reflection and so the same open-minded and tolerant way as the principles of her foundation. One would say this was exactly the purpose of the adherence.
How things change!
The mismanagement of the tolerant and open-minded society has now undermined the thinking to precarious levels and she finds herself beset by a variety of threats that might see a totalitarian and un-free future more likely than a return to reason!
Can a Christian, Muslim or Jewish re-emergence, based upon the increased need from the population towards spiritual values, guarantee a continuance of tolerance or open-mindedness in such a modern society?
I think not, instead they would be only too glad to seize the day and continue to corrupt and manipulate past achievements, curbing self-determination.
It became clear in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet-union, where orthodox Christianity regained an influence that is not conducive to a modern society, seizing the opportunity of a starved population, craving for spiritual perceived normality, after decades of voidance.
We were also dismayed to see the reaction to the Charlie-Hebdo massacre, where particular weak, but strongly market driven democracies, like England, US and others were actually debating the benefits of less freedom towards the tolerance and respect towards arbitrary chosen faith! And as a result did not show the cute depiction of another unknown prophet with unknown intentions.
These are fundamental failures and are representing a greater threat than any terror action and counter action, as those are only crazed excitements to a shallowing society and evidently could never tear at its foundations. In saying that, intelligence and wisdom must guide the engagement with the mad; it can’t be that it continues to impacts so devastatingly upon the achievements and liberties that strengthen a modern society, as it had upon the now unstoppable decline of the US and other nations copying colonial England.
However on a positive note the social engagement of the East-Germans last bastion of hope, and their religious safe-haven churches, which sponsored the fall of an extra-ordinary repressive regime can be an example for a rethink in spiritual institutions of a modern society.
It provides the essentiality and shows, that an individual rediscovery of one’s own spirituality focused upon the natural truth can be possible without the need of overcoming established conventions of faith, if the faith group in turn allows such rediscovery freely and stands in support and evidently acknowledges to work for the paradise in the now, while standing down on the assumption to know a divine singularity, furthering divisiveness.
A divine singularity or God and the teachings of prophets (who may have been enlightened men, although a certain fogginess of content troubles establishing accuracy to what actually was said and thought, bearing in mind that accounts and scriptures in relation to ‘prophets’ seem always more to embellish occurrences and events, intentions and philosophies, much more than the remaining scriptures of ancient Greek philosophers for instance... ) and belief structures in an exponentially evolving society are harder and harder to be uphold. We can appreciate that around the globe, where religiousness continues to be an identity issue, very much substituting education.
Evolution of knowledge is bound to strike ahead, so how is that going to affect underprivileged societies open to abuse and ready tools to lash out, as their perceptions of reality are inevitably continued to be challenged…?
Is that not what we are witnessing today in a vacuum aftermath of fooled crazed modern crusades?
Can progressive wisdom be curbed by traditional indoctrinated perceptions of the many in a tolerant modern society?
Christianity, Muslims, Jews, must understand that still today, no proof for their claim of a supreme singularity as a creator of life can be found and probably never will. Thus it is intolerable to continue to confuse and lie to mankind about such an existence in an enlightened world. If however such a singularity would exist, its divineness would certainly not be a negative, traumatising or punitive one, and no retribution for man’s evolution through time in search for happiness and the meaning of life would arise.
In light of mans troubled spiritual path, being hijacked away from discovering the reflective positiveness that flows from understanding the natural truth in one-self to a wider consciousness, this ought to vitalise and reaffirm her or his confidence to reclaim freedom and respect, away from induced fear and misconceptions.
Repeating for clarity: Those established religion, even though there might have been good intentions, are contributing to the misery and the division of man; are open to arbitrary power interest by man and vulnerable to desirable misinterpretation away from the inherent truth. The proof remains in our verifiable past and present history.
It also needs to be said that instead of furthering the cause of mankind, religion stands as a further hurdle to humanity to evolve naturally, by merging itself into traditional behaviour pattern forming tradition and culture.
Tradition and culture can be respected without repressive and diminishing religions uncertainty that has woven itself through its fabric and in doing so hampering humanity to evolve with the times.
Tradition and culture are exposed to evolution. Some things change some stay the same. But things that harm mankind with the enlightened knowledge attained can’t be tolerated.


And so in Christianity, the ‘wholly spirit’ is certainly an adaptation of the metaphysical continuous flow of consciousness, adapted and incorporated from ancient natural knowledge although imbedded within a confusing, illogic and largely unproven presumption of prophetic exclusiveness and a one god singularity, used to build a comprehensive religious framework. But, and I say it again, very much voiding mankind of the freedom to realise, explore and find its own buried spiritual wholeness.
It is clear that a trinity has no bearings at all and a divine singularity sending only one son can’t be sustained within an open, progressive and enlightened modern society while simply excusing the brink of disaster upon we look at today.
Maybe the implied symbolism just got out of hand, but it did so in Judaism, Islam, and any others, even Buddhism! With rules, regulations and excessive rituals the praying or honouring very much became a superstitious ritual. It looks like faith has its own irrational dynamics overwhelming clear consciousness in euphoria.
Monks do realise that, emphasising toned down introverted exploration and revelation of oneness with all.
It would have been enough, to just focus on the interpretation of what is referred to as ‘wholly spirit’ and go out and do the good work in assisting mankind according to the understanding and the truth of life.
A highly structured and organised religion, pretending its legitimacy upon a larger spiritual integrity be it with or without a singularity with special para-normal powers generally fails the purpose of aiding and lifting mankind to a higher existence. Therefore is more the insult to what it sees as Supreme Being, forced to be constantly engaged to spread its false perception upon public opinion in many countries around the world.
The only explanation is dictatorial rule, sometimes by force, but mostly wrapped within good intentions.
Encouraging those rulers thinking they have to uphold a sense of tradition through religion that actually infringes, diminishes, mutilates, destroys and kills perfectly healthy born human beings and animals!
A complete person does not want to see mutilated vaginas, cut penises, black shadows of women forced along the allies or young girls coming from school with their beautiful hair covert, young man dressed as old, veiling against ancient walls. And certainly does not want to see killings or life offerings for the praise of a perceived divine. No sufferance is greater than another.
Even to their own belief of a divine spirit, this is insulting, degrading and disrespectful.
We are made out of recycled material, thus a virgin doesn’t hold up the value of a family’s honour, it is upheld by being kind and loving, caring and wise parents.
In the western world today, we find an increased Muslim population and integration is a big issue. In line with the secular, open-minded way of life the society offers it is challenging to be confronted with a strong religiousness many locals had lost or saw only as mildly important.
Sure blame can be placed upon the various more or less successful integration methods; still the word itself reflects the objective!
This said it is expected that certain open-mindedness flows into staunch Sunni or Shia communities over time, than generations while living as migrants and then citizens, as does to all sharing space together...
It also was envisaged that a continued involvement with the home countries of migrants would lead to a softening approach.
Certainly the continued radicalisation of the profit driven market powers behind Governments has torpedoed a lot of that initiative, and brave those nations that have withstood radicalisation, while others like Saud Arabia are still cosy dwelling in secret relations with staunch fearful Israel to such extent, that even their own population is so disillusioned by the depressive feudal ménage, it becomes an embarrassment, but a consequence to the US agenda!
However, the integration of Muslims in Europe was always a precarious undertaking, when an ‘international rapprochement’ is stagnant and now reveals itself as a continued struggle overlapping generations.
Public statements of quasi all western leaders are towards the freedom to exercise religious practises of any colour, still one cannot forget the reasons why so many Muslims chose to move to western countries, and it is clear, one should show respect and interest in the culture and customs of the host country making them their own. This said the dynamic of the host country must be conducive to evolutionary change and the system and the leaders open to a common future path. The all out exposure to consumerism and the individualisation of the population are certainly not conducive, and in light of the understanding that there is no God, so is the practise of religion, as it always remains upon the one to choose and certainly is tolerated.
Tolerated, not loved, adhered too, cherished, or diminished willing…
The political and economic failures of past and present lobby exposed leaders cant excuse the continued unease in an infused fearful population; the outcome will be an even more dangerous reactionary resurgence promoting those conservatives that were responsible for unwise policies in the first place.
Migration in general ought to increases the social dynamic of societies when both parties are willing to live together and sure are to be encouraged to do so.
A culture of fraternity and tolerance, adhering to a high respect for human values and achieving a socio-political system that sponsors well-being ideals, however can’t get flooded with migrants from all over the world due to much lower humanitarian standards in their own country, if the exercise is threatening the balance of the foundation and a continuance of the goals of the open way.
Development in migrant’s home countries contributes to a spread of well-being, thus much greater effort must be made to encourage exchange on a level plain field.
In a world where self-determination and a move away from all out shallow consumerism is increasingly changing educated man’s outlook upon life, past market driven exposures to profit driven globalisation and investments in undemocratic one party rule nations instead of wise investment in neighbouring peripheries increasing stability and education there, can’t regress a populations aspirations back to a futile protectionist mindset, again only profiting a business orientated continuation of mono-culture-ism, seeding radicalisation on both sides.
A dynamic society is blooming in continuation to its purpose when the balance is found, whereas others with close borders and controlled migration can never compare.
But that is exactly what is sponsored. Undemocratic Australia flourishes with Asian students thinking to get a western education, while only acquiring a restricted colonial perspective line of thought, and yes will go home to good jobs and hopefully can enjoy various long standing traditions of their own, but are still inapt comprehending the idea of free thinking and the aspect of a truly free and open tolerant modern society, while very much strengthened in participating in highly structured ways…
So there are grave concerns to the future of the open way.
It is important to have a balanced open view upon the issues, as these are fundamentals to self-determination away from religious indoctrination, essential to confront dictatorial rule. What was free and hopefully healthy at birth shall remain so until death.
My wife would love to walk in Bikini through the Alleys of the cities in Saud Arabia. How far would she come?
There are Millions of Arabians that would love to speak freely; instead there are thousands of brave that have disappeared behind bars for years without trial for apparent suspicious activities: asking for innovation!
Is a modern society at ease with past reflections of institutionalised religious thinking, or would a modern society not better be free to find her own self-determining inner self in accordance to the always known natural truth of higher consciousness and finally understand that exporting a profit driven model while sponsoring unjustified power upon those values is intolerable and perilous?!
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There is no God, no greater divine, no ghost or supernatural force, exerting influence upon consciousness, be it positive or negative;
simply because they do not exist.
It is only when a unity is found with the continuous flow of higher consciousness, a unity with all, thus also the elements, influence can be achieved!
Now where do you expect to find that unity?
When you die and expect further assistance, or while evolving on the path of fulfilled life understanding that only thought and the power of the mind can give you the possibility to recognise.
Consciousness is an evolutionary gift, belonging to the being itself and making us who and what we are, it must be respected and recognised as the foundation to our existence.
Thus all objectives are to be tuned to promote a natural diverse balance remembering our own childhood, were a growing mind was still filled with a naïve simple love and excitement for the road ahead. By reflecting upon, we unequivocally will recall the beauty of the innocence and have to question if this mindset is not much much closer to inherent knowing of the perfect ineffable flow of common consciousness shared amongst all living creatures?
And while we grow out of that stage and forced to adapt to an arbitrary, fittest driven false framework we grow to the worst predators in paradise.
Finding arguments and reasons to make us feel better, even denying the natural truth behind consciousness , and relating it only to man’s view upon reality, excluding the animal or even plant perspective with their different, brought dimensional clarity. This is not ignorant; it is a crime against life itself. Are we than to be surprised that we actually are not only proud and able, but actually and continuously killing the planet indeed?!
…and finally deluding ourselves that there must be a Devine balance, a divine justice to the misery we humans are perpetually creating? So diminished and unaware upon the power of our own mind and the only force that will set us free.
Yet, a great many expect to find a homecoming to a creator during the passing while alive, having had doubt and bliss, than eventually becoming followers of apparent divine scriptures handed down to the most nobles of men, whom one shall believe! Meanwhile the mind is evolving to its adult peak, and lucky to have not completely used it up. Is this an improvement from the mind of a child?
The powers that emerge from a unity with this continuous flow of larger consciousness are to be understood as milestones for man, wisdom foretold! The intentions are to enhance needed awareness of perils to the right path in reflection of the natural laws.
Remember your moments of clarity!
In the absence of such clear knowledge, mankind’s conscious and sub-conscious can get easily manipulated, influenced by conventions and conformities; having the mind conditioned towards spells and tricks by witchcraft and voodoo (not much different from religious beliefs!) but most often though its own mind focusing upon negative eventualities, fear and superstitions; completely ineffective and all will fall away, once the inner-connection to the continuous flow of dimensional consciousness unlocked.
A permanent shield has been established, but one must remain focused.

enlightened oneness

If one wants to proceed in becoming a fulfilled woman or man, compassion, respect and understanding for all other life’s beings immersed in the oneness of consciousness, be they man, beasts or plants are a good start.
Life’s energy in every living being has the same value.
The concept of a greater divine or God however needs finally put to rest, as it does not exist.
Any belief must be replaced by the search for wisdom as otherwise harmful to humanities happiness.
Don’t even believe in yourself, know yourself.
We sure know that we are and because we are it is logical we rejoice and live bright and full and find happiness all around us; bringing harm is unpleasant to our consciousness, indoctrination can find seemingly reasonable arguments, it still remains unpleasant and we should always listen to our inner self.
We live in a new era of self-determination and sustainability, which means that every man, woman, child knows and is born to know right from wrong. It is upon the people to understand that increased perceptions of fear by elected executive ever only will bring restrictions upon the whole of societies. Thus efforts to preserve such perceptions of privilege unstoppably will fail, if the walls are set to keep others out.
And to still use religion to set rules and laws of ancient times to be observed for the sake of culture and tradition, or even worse to protect man from chaos, is most stupid, as it is the cause of humanities misery.
In an enlightened world, in a tolerant world, the understanding of crime reflects failures of the system, thus rehabilitation, education and reintegration are the way, not incarceration, not overzealous punishment to maintain a fake sense of retribution to gather unjustified trust in predatory behaviour shadowing and diminishing the awakening of the spirit, but certainly underlining a dictatorial and disgusting bull market philosophy.
Conventions are set by the people themselves, but rigorous attention must be given that their representatives are actually conforming to the best interest of the people. In the present global market economy, this is still rarely the case, as the reason for our doing, the reason for our existence are not understood and not cared for. This must change as the common good must dominate over the devastation that is killing the world and can be seen as a direct consequence of a flawed system.
Even if many may reserve the right to be sceptic about my attained knowledge, the revelations throughout this text should contribute to as serious of reflections and a bastion, so that there will be no one left to claim the right of arbitrary imposing or maintaining belief above knowledge, the right to falsely mislead into exploitation and impose restriction upon humanity.
Only enlightenment shall promote the path…

solar levitation

We know the physical conditions that are driving our universe and we have a certain grip upon the mechanics of a black hole. We see the attraction of matter towards the gravitational field of a black hole and we are aware of the phenomena called ‘event horizon’, where apparent known laws of physics, don’t apply anymore until matter finally is crushed into.
When we observe nature and life on our planet, we find many similarities from small to large, we can deduct repetitive pattern relating not only to size, but also time and space.
The water in a bathtub drains out spiralling similarly to a tornado and the tornado similarly to a black hole, even the mass behind reflects the storm or the quantity of water in the tub; animal and plant too live in rotational cycles, naturally adapted …
Humanity has worked out why this happens and we understand that life exists due to a continued revolving motion. If we live a life accepting that we have to evolve continuously, reflecting the fundamentals of natural law, we will understand our purpose and promote the paradise we are born into. If we stop evolving and try to become reactionaries, disasters will strike to restore the balance.
Now, would it not be in consequence, if our passing would also reflect certain mirroring pattern that we can witness during our life amongst others?
Can our passing reflect a similitude to the event horizon we see out in galaxies; is it possible that consciousness itself , as the subtle metaphysical counterpart to the physical parameters of life draws us, so to say, to experience our own ‘personal event horizon’, for the time of the passing?
Why is the process of passing important?
As we all have to die, we think that if we know what happens in the margins of life’s edges, we can deduct the purpose of existence. In so far, the passing is exactly as important as birth, as both merge out of the same source. The larger understanding of the purpose is always to be found in the right interpretation of the factors contributing to life. Thus a true comprehension is only ever found when following an integrated reflective opinion of unity amongst all things with a mind and thoughts that are well and coherently based in an enlightened reality.
The following vision based recollection upon passing and birth will try to find a conclusion to this understanding in order to further avoid that mankind continuously falls into the trap of being misled and diminished.
I have recognised three stages for better structure:
In the first, another dimension opens and engulfs the leaving.
It is a constant that may lead to even larger dimensions.
It is a close reality dimension through which the ‘to be born’ sub-conscious are merging to, a dimensional foreground to reality. Here the departing experience outer body- moving to inner body experiences, in which the spirit is transformed, and … extinct.
Evidently in the first stage, there is an abundance of individual experience to be had, as the passing always must remain a very personal and dignifying event. If interest arises it would make sense to look into it before the event, but the passing is always a bound and straight forward process.
We know already of close death experiences, thus have a rudimentary awareness that in such moment unusual things may occur.
lose death experience are providing us with some insight, however filled with emotional impressions overwhelming the mind; and only ever recollecting the first still conscious or semi-conscious stage of the passing. From all this the knowledge pretty much ends with an acceptance that once we embark upon that last journey, our life force moves towards a well observed bright light.
This said close death experiences alone ought to satisfy us in the understanding that different dimensions will come to play during our passing, and as it is a real event, the conditions are no longer fancy tales of the imagination, thus underlining the similarity to observed ‘event horizon’ phenomenon and the recognition that all physical events are in base support of our growing towards an enlightened existence in greater unity…
Depending on the time available to the passing, outer body experiences are bound to occur, but even more so, an ‘inner body experience ‘is the set rule;
again, reflecting similitudes to the ‘event horizon’ where all laws of physics no longer are applicable. Evidently, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a quick death as far as our time in reality is concerned equates to a quick death experience for the one passing …
An outer body experience is never-the-less not exclusive to the passing process and can very well be induced through various practices, and stands thus somehow as a bridge between an highly sophisticated mind and its inherent capability to understand greater metaphysical dimensions, ending at life’s end with the final conclusion: fusing the entire cognitive functionality within a larger finer consciousness (if missed during all the years of living, at least leaving one with the impression…)but inevitably losing all the senses and all individuality.


Echoing further the similar physical process during an event horizon, thus strengthening, eventually undoubtedly, the truth of the oneness to a greater consciousness and the understanding that the physical factors that support life are created abundantly and repetitively throughout a multitude of universes, most likely due to self-propulsion, once reaching such enlightened levels of consciousness: becoming able in participate in the continuous flow to the sole purpose that intelligent life can eventually not only evolve and then fuse but initiate a wider consciousness in naturally evolving repetitive concepts!
The outer body experience during the passing is somewhat different than the induced ones and not necessarily a given to all passing, as the event transforms the being progressively into his essence, so that what started up as an outer body is always an inner body experience (which is a given to all passing) and reaching the intangible lightness of being, the greater consciousness, without mass.
In the first stage, the most personal experience where, not yet having transgressed the point of no return, all sorts of conditioned belief pattern may provide assurances of going to a heavenly place, but humanity ought to question if unproven religiousness should influence the last moments of individual consciousness.
Let’s look at what really happens when we die:
let’s find a pleasant scenario amongst the endless possibilities leading to the final moment:
After a long and fulfilled life, Mr. Peach is sitting in the garden with a lovely outlook over the plants and the mountains in the background. When the moment has come, his vision upon reality starts to retreat by an opening of a different dimension moving into his central view.
It comes from within. He will see a bright sun like energy source.

lolly cake

Mr Peach will start to be more and more overwhelmed by an intense feeling of homecoming. It is a very pleasant notion that reminds him of something he always knew as it was buried deep within him since birth.
Simultaneously the body floods with endorphins.
By that time he might get visions and vivid dreamlike impressions, as it is still the conscious individual mind inducing thought follow-ons, establishing a transition phase. They arise due to the heightened activity in the body. So he might as well not have them and is much more focused upon the journey, however in general advice, just let it happen…
But it’s the moment anyhow where some might like to join their loved ones or their religious indoctrination, (angles, god like impressions, seeing past or present life’s they might think to join, going after the virgin’s, etc.etc.!) very much drawn to such pleasant thoughts and now having a sometimes first massive intensity of a vision, leading to possible outer body experience while very much engaging the inner-body experience.
Leaving us to conclude, that an outer body experience during the passing is much more bound to the inner experience and depending upon the mindset. Thus Mr. Peach will feel the attraction towards the light getting stronger and stronger, the very pleasant pull getting nicer and nicer, and he will know and overcome the point of no return but pay no attention as he floats by. Once one is pulled to close to the light, there is no coming back, be aware!
Telepathic note can be given to loved or known ones, or picked up by them during that time.
A meditational practice can achieve greater awareness upon the passing and is strongly advised
as the unattached subtleness of spirit will finally move to extinction (…or into another universe unaware...)
The light represents the event horizon phenomena in which the individual consciousness will be transformed, move or fuse into its essence and permanently leave individual consciousness behind. After the merging with this light, consciousness of the one has propelled itself upon itself and now only will pass into the keyhole funnel, extinguished.
However, the merger with the bright light is most likely seen in a clinical scientific context as the point where the brain is extinguishing itself. This might be as it may, the problem however is that by that time the person passing is already very much engaged in a different dimension and past the point of return to reality where such determination to the physical are made with the standard of knowledge at that time.
In following this path, inquiring into events that occur in this different dimension is very much open to speculations, still effort is made to approach the matter with an analytical mind, while maybe having the necessary interest, sensitivities and induced readiness to verifiably accompany a parting spirit, thus following to a certain extent an expedition, that I think will leave some interesting observations!
If the circumstances of death are violent and slow, in water, or in cold locations, last impressions of reality will mark the passing to a greater extent, as the brain will function longer and extinguish slower. Those impressions than can be transmitted to a living spirit aware at that time.
Note, it is usually a gentle overwhelmingly satisfying process, that follows on from a state of shock, fright or fear, an inherent life preserving attribute we carry within, at first maybe struggling to preserve , now ready to leave behind… as we are feeling the homecoming in bliss.
Mr. Peach will experience a great sense of clarity and the impression that all his life made complete sense and all activities moved harmoniously to a satisfying conclusion.
Since the appearance of the bright light, the alternate time engulfed him more and more, and ultimately will transform him. He is about to experiences his inner event horizon.
It is possible that his now dimensional consciousness depending upon the strength of his force of life remains a short, or substantially longer in this state, but the spirit will always fuse with the continuous flow of subtle consciousness.
So no, one does not become a ghost; one will be fused with the light and the continuous flow of consciousness. What will remain is like an outpost of an echo. Independent of the circumstances of death, the initial departure process of the first stage, the willingness of the subject, the state of mind of the person and the strength of the life force; all these factors are influencing the departure, but once you’re on the train and the train rolls on past the station, you’re on.
So for example if a violent death erupted at a certain place, the spirit has passed, the echo from that passing can remain, but there is no limbo stage for souls floating around in a different dimension, able to avoid the fusion, and the remembrance will always be upon the living and their sensibility to pick up such an outpost of an echo...
If a sensitised living medium is calling upon a past spirit, she is calling upon the continuous flow of consciousness within her abilities, in an atmosphere of that particular past spirit. The reflections she will present, are echoes of persons, not and never an individual past life continuance in consciousness.
Mr. Peach however is old, at peace and ready, (increasingly possible that he had prior hunches that his time might approach) it will be a straight forward experience, the endorphin enhanced magnetic attraction will eventually unite him with the light. There he will transforms himself into his own essence, the energy of the spirit, becoming the light and still conscious! He has sensed his energy moving to the large one and uniting him with it. However the large one is himself!
A different scenario though arises when the spirit (so the larger metaphysical individual consciousness)of the passing can attach itself to another living one, or to a new emerging one:
To the former, referred to as people becoming possessed, impressions can be transferred to open sensitised living mediums.
The possible attachment to a living spirit happens early in the journey, just after the possible outer body experience, but after the point of no return , just before the second stage of fusion, and is logically part of the inner body experience, and most of the times when life ends unexpectedly, accidentally, violently or unfulfilled.
A spirit attaching itself to another living spirit must find the one open, sensitised and readied to accept it at the exact moment of passing. This does not happen often but if it happens, the time of the passing is stretched until the spirit is ready to resume the passing, although the awareness of a greater consciousness from one or the other will contribute to the exercise. Why? What is a spirit?
Not more than a progression of abstraction of thought to a further metaphysical extent, thus when sensible, communication can occur in the same way as telepathy or even meditation…the focus however is always towards the development and readiness of the mind.
The added spirit, or better a consciousness fusion, will not detrimentally influence existing life but rather enhance it for a certain purpose. Sure it might result in turmoil for the recipient, but is to be considered as objective driven.
There are practises to detach that spirit, the best way evidently is to go along and resolve the issue. The usual hocus-pocus initiative by religious zealots or money-for-comfort entrepreneurs to ‘cure’ a possessed person is charlatanism. No spirit forces itself upon another, if the recipient is not ready.
Remember existing life always comes first, thus if there is a medium ready at a specific time to be infused of a departing spirit, the conscious or sub-conscious awareness of a greater force of life without mass, the continuous flow of consciousness, is the contributor. It is however self-determined or destined! This is particularly important in our still ambiguous evolutionary stage in thought evolution.
The latter is relating to re-incarnation, even to punitive re-incarnation opinions relating to the life lived and the possibilities to be re-incarnated in a lesser life form …
Re-incarnation can happen in the second stage of the passing, due to the ‘event horizon’, but punitive is not the right interpretation as all life in the sense of greater consciousness is equally valued and there is no punishment for a lived life;
but further and much more important, remaining conscious of self-determined reincarnation needs ardent practise and commitment. The let’s say ‘accidental’ reincarnation will lead to no remembrance of previous lives anyhow and if reincarnated in animal or plant form evidently so!
Re-incarnation is only possible as the exiting spirits might be in close proximity with the emerging ones. It is not a given that life in general will be re-incarnated. It is a philosophy that relates to a point of view in reality, namely the already mentioned samsara. This philosophy might have been misinterpreted by some to assume that re-incarnation is the rule. It is not. It is the result of well-prepared initiation on passing behaviour opening a further choice option…
So one has the option to be reincarnated if one chooses to, but I can’t say it is a given, what happens in a personal event horizon are more in tune with extinguishment, and individual life more to be guided by the continuous flow of higher consciousness, making a recognisable reincarnation of more than echo attributes implausible, but also somewhat irrelevant as the effects are less than a hunch.
Think about the Tibetan Buddhists, yes they apparently can recognise the past spirit, but they also have to train and teach the new, etc. It is an important right but embedded in a holistic cultural and philosophical identity.
Meanwhile, Mr Peach has fused with the light at that second stage,
he has not attached his spirit to a living one and thus did not spent extra dimensional time; instead he went straight into the light.
Mankind thinks the light is the fusion and the end of the process. This is not the case. His consciousness is now unified, or at least he feels it as such.
His mind is ending, metaphysically and physically extinguishing, but an echo remains and he will fall into the funnelling black hole and feel in reality a darkening and blackening in relief and exhaustion.
In figurative terms: he will become an energy dot amongst many others, representing the essence of individual life, turning now into the last funnel.
But there are abundant endless energy dots moving in as there are moving out!
These are the new spirits, as closer as they will move to reality, the more the force of life will infuse its continuous flow upon them and they become new physical entities, newborns…
So where is the event horizon? The light, but for Mr Peach he probably will not see it as such, just the light and a brightening of impressions and realisations...
In the third stage Mr. Peach’s consciousness extinguishes while falling into the keyhole funnel and his life in reality too, but for him, from the moment the light and the attraction appeared, it was a much longer and certainly much more satisfying journey than his remains let us to believe.
Would this account not be better served while just ending with an inner reflective event horizon circling about an inner so black hole and all exiting spirits would be reincarnated with emerging ones, following a well-established philosophy?
Well, yes, but this is not what was shown to me, I clearly saw and felt on several occasion a reduced to a spirit dot human identity moving amongst many, many other life forms into a funnel while at the same time others were moving out!
So with the strongly felt connection of these passing spirits, and the knowledge that they were actually passing at that time, I am wondering where they are going and where the new ones were coming from?
Is it a true reflection of quantum mechanics where things appear and disappear out of nowhere?
A very possible scenario, however after having had the impression to be fused with the larger wider consciousness being the ineffable part to the wholeness of life, a framework of inter-universal consciousness still continues to propel life abundantly but not individually
To me it makes perfect sense, that the remaining individual consciousness extinguishes and the departing will have a thrilling experience to reach the continuous flow; the real experience to its everlasting and self-propelling existence though, is only be lived when conscious and enlightened, thus when alive!
However it becomes clear that a divine figure behind all that becomes very unlikely as the here elaborated extinguishment presentation reflects more and more established observation in reality; the question rests somewhat exclusively between quantum mechanics and the multi-universal proposal in light with a metaphysical coherence of dimensional consciousness spanning universes.
So much so that it even becomes more likely that there is a fusion with the departing spirit or individual consciousness with the greater flow than a fusion with any God.
The conclusion reveals a strengthening logic to the adherence of a wholeness to life, underlining the physical and metaphysical; thus thought abstractive comprehension and evolution of intelligent life and thus promoting the new era of sustainability and self-determination without any more doubt, while a necessity to evolve to a higher and complete awareness to the true understanding of life achieved in one’s lifetime.
Reaching, merging even fusing with the comprehension of life and the objective and purpose of consciousness in its completeness.
Importantly though, these edge of life information’s are related to the living via a sensitised attachment of spirit, thus it could be that the life force of that particular spirit was exceptionally strong or the subject host willing to go as far as he could to accompany the departing and both having achieved a union of consciousness through which the departed as well as the host have maintained awareness where others have long been fused. Thus being able to recollect the events further, beyond the actual impressions of a singular passing into the light.
It doesn’t guarantee that all departing consciousness maintains an independent awareness after fusing with the light, but I sure recognised the one detaching from me visionally and emotionally and moving further into the funnel as I was hovering suspended above it all!
I don’t know the Tibetan Buddhist re-incarnation practices, but I suspect they have well- established meditation practices and training to ready ones spirit for such journey and are possibly able to determine to be reincarnated or not.
I did not witness any possibility of retaining large individual characteristics of a departed to a new born and further life continuation, apart from recycled stardust.
I saw visual (energy dot) and had emotional recognition, associating the energy dot to the persons passing and later finding out that they actually did, but they were extinguishing.
Mr Peach is now gone, his journey has ended, together with his extinguishment in any reality. His echo in his relatives or friends minds memory remains, providing them with a strengthening connection of the continuous metaphysical flow of the force of life. Calling upon him is calling upon the whole force.
Stop always calling upon Jesus or Mohammed etc., those poor guys got so many calls all other past life’s become forgotten! But to the continuous force of life, the everlasting finer consciousness, it makes no difference; you might as well call upon your inner-self!
But understandably it is consciousness that calls, not sub- or semi, or metaphysical, or passing last moment consciousness!
And most definitely, paradise in consciousness is a once in a lifetime affair!
Now you surely must ask how could he know such details?
And maybe crying: where is my after-life?
An individual afterlife is just not there, more than an echo to call upon the continuous flow of consciousness by the conscious, by existing life. This however does not mean passed lives are extinguished in this finer sense. It just reiterates the existing life capability and underlines a continued evolutionary continuation of thought reaching dimensional levels;
and with that a greater understanding towards life and the respect for it.
Are you after reading this not more convinced about the preciousness of your own life and thus much more deterred from potentially losing it? Or are you now keener to enlist in any army of your choice?!But remain courageous to defend and promote self-determination and the respect for all life.
The universe is in reflection to us being here, and we are a reflection of our universe. Our galaxy as it was, formed to provide an eventual progression towards enlightenment of the purpose and sense of life. There is however the certainty that we exist to realise oneness in all, through the continuous flow of consciousness, a multifaceted lighter state of reality and as described prior the other side of the building block of life.
The essence of the unity of the physical and metaphysical that marks the whole is that we as evolved self-aware being can through the power of thought recall, induce and strengthen, while recognising this union and thus becoming enlightened and find the paradise in reality, the sense and purpose of our life; happiness to guide our purpose and self-determination to reflect our freedom, the respect to the sustainable quest.
So to have a better understanding of the edges of life stands only to reassure us that we must change our lifestyle in the now.
“… some days your name will be in light…“,don’t delay, don’t delay ; it is only in reality…
I think for some, it still might be is challenging to acknowledge the fact that this intangible continuous form of life has no mass, and questioning its existence is understandable as we are such visual and tangible proof driven creatures, probably due to our survival of the fittest history.
Thus questioning its existence is questioning our sense of purpose indeed, Mr Robot!
So I will leave you to revel to your hearts content and hope that in the end you all will realise that no matter to which conclusion you will come, the era of self-determination and true sustainability respecting the nature of things will bring you closer towards happiness, peace and the paradise of the now.

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In 2009, a very strange and unusual vision was upon me and I like to dedicate these lines to the united consciousness that offered me and maybe mankind this very special view of the ultimate end and beginning of life. Her life was suddenly taken but her energy was so strong it might just help changing the world for the better.
Flight AF 447 crashed. At the same time I had a vision of a plane flying towards and around an airport tower, but upside down flying away. It disappeared behind a peninsula and left me a definite: it crashed into the sea. I went to the crash site; it looked like a bus torn open, the surroundings where of unseen terrain, next to a grey blue greenish rock face. I went inside and saw a young woman removing her bag from the overhead compartments. I asked her if I could help her, she said no, but take these keys; she would not need them any longer as she was checking out. At this moment my Turkish friend, who was travelling in South America at that time, appeared and he encouraged me to take the keys, so I did. On exiting the fuselage and moving over sandy soil, I saw an old tape recorder and removed the tape, handing it in to arriving emergency personal. She instructed me to do that.

unseen rock face

I did not know what to think about that vision and called my wife to tell her the story. It was very bright and unusual. In the evening I watched the news and found out that actually an air France plane had disappeared coming from Brazil. It turned out it all happened approximately at the same time when I had the vision.
I was shocked about the similarities, an airbus on its return journey, in the water, I had to add what I knew: next to rock face. I started to understand the vision and send a couple of emails to the air france, but they never replied, probably thinking I am some lunatic…(never mind)
I phoned my Turkish friend and asked him if he met anyone or told a girl or woman, French or other about my ‘open-mindedness’, as I could not understand why there was a connection between me and someone on that plane. He could not help.
In the days after, I thought a lot about what happened and was somehow in turmoil. I did not yet recognise a spirit attachment or common consciousness.
I travelled to Thailand on a spiritual journey. During that time things became clearer, I was very interested in feminine issues and tried to explore all behavioural aspects of women without intention and must have come across as little weird!
Being on lent I travelled to a highly spiritual place in the country. Only then had I a second vision just before I fell ill. It seemed that my consciousness was cleansing itself, spiritually and physically:
the spirit was leaving me. It was like a photo reporter documenting a close death experience. It started up as described in the Mr Peach story, although in the final stage when the spirit detached itself, I hovered above the inner funnel, hovered above the vortex and saw her consciousness moving in with a constant bright dotted stream of other ‘spirit dots’, while at the same time endless bright dotted one were moving out. I experienced the same homecoming emotions and the magnetic attraction as if it was my one passing.
On my return home I went through my photo files to find subjects for my art website 2009 and to my greatest astonishment found photos that I had done prior to the accident that could be used to show a series of photos commemorating the crash. (e~2009 quid manet, Dimension Tremor)
Two photos in that presentation showed a coming together of two spirits in a fire flame…The photos had absolutely nothing to do with planes, and remember by that time, the plane was still not found; however, some of the photos used, artistically abstracted showed an aeroplane disintegrating and having a bright light in the cockpit area. As it turned out the cause of the crash was very much pilot-related. The bright light showed where the sleeping pilot was located! Also when they found the plane, passengers were still strapped to their seats.
The plane was not found next to a rock face but in sand, but the ocean current had moved it over that year long period away from the rocks.
Inexplicably art photos that were made without specific intentions, month before the crash turned out to show cause!
To me it’s clear, that that person in the plane showed me her last thoughts and we shared a united consciousness for some time, due to an inexplicable necessity driven by an awareness of the continuous flow of higher consciousness. So in coming together she also showed me the beginning and passing of life itself!
It is rather so that the force of life has no mass, thus it continues to be, even through big bangs and in dimension above…
A couple of days ago I swam very far into a very large lake. I swim freestyle, with my head in the water and my eyes focused inwards. At one stage without any particular reason, a mind blank, I decided to stop several kilometres from shore, the water clean and clear. Just before me was a colourful moth that had fallen into the water a long time ago; she was struggling with apparent exhaustion to regain the air. An impossibility as the wings were wet. I picked her up and soon she flew higher and higher...
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