From survival to sustainability with a global public holiday for peace, a focus point to set the foundation for a new era. The 21-sept, the UN day for peace, a day for life. (now: international day for peace)

(web nr 18 thought)

I like to thank the organisers of this event for their vision to invite me. My name is Christian van Rossum, as an artist I use the symbol: e~, it stands for the continuous flow of energy, flowing on from one dimension to another, from one life to another.

This year I launched the first interactive internet art exhibition to commemorate this special year of enlightenment. Titled FUSION REFLECTION, reflecting a greater consciousness that is naturally abundant and the basic foundation of our greater self.


You are welcome to visit the site during my speech and find reflections of what I say in form of photos and paintings, poetry :go to The circumstances of me being here are certainly influenced by chance, but what is chance: a reflection of a dimensional interconnectedness. As if there is a greater truth within, all around, as if everything seems sometimes to fit just right, but without that man today can completely understand it; and so the hope is ,that I can share the vision and inspire you, so we all can share the vision and find a more suited way of living together. (web nr 7 se ) It is quite amazing to me to come here before you at this convention and launch, propose and explain my initiative to make the UN day for peace and cease fire, the 21 of sept. the first global public holiday. ( in 2 days ) A day for life. (web nr 1 step out) For all life and a new way of thinking, a new era. This also is the reason for my art on the internet, there is a need to reach a wider global audience: evidently, to propose what I think can really make a change. And at its core, at its heart, lies the well being of all of us and our natural world. The balance to our natural existence: the fusion between the wisdom of the natural with the modern. 2

Now to fuse the two is of most importance today as the modern is destroying the natural, reflecting a desperate need for a new vision throughout the world. To move humanity from survival to sustainability and to safeguard and to Anker that reach so overdue since eons, mankind needs a focus point: a point in time that is continuously reminding us of the objective. But where does it start? It always starts with peace. Without it, we continue to live as we have: in survival mode. The 21 of September, the UN day for peace and cease fire is the perfect day for such a focus point, and we can from there on envisage the right path forward: Reforming and renewing our intentions as man, fixing what has been lost, and in doing so : finding a greater togetherness and harmony within our natural world and our inner self.

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I think you in your occupation, providing well-being to anyone that requires it, without discrimination, are in a privileged position to understand and live the fundamental human values. Values that are in decline and overlooked, unappreciated in our world dominated by western efficiency and productivity in continued limited vision : the care for each other and the respect for one’s own existence, leading to the respect for all other living things.
When you hear about a global public holiday, it does not sound exiting, more like: ah another day off, or another day for good causes, and the world just has her own dynamic and we just have to cope with what we are given. Let me enlighten you: This day has the chance to really make a difference, but it will be up to you, everyone now indeed has the choice. We must change our way of interaction, if we are serious in finding greater freedoms and finding solutions to overcome the effect of our diminishing way of life, reflecting our extremism and disregard through manmade climate change.


(WEB NR 2 CHOICE) And as far as holidays are concerned it must be one important one, and not because of the fundamental idea of world peace: Which already ought to be enough to convince you, (and in our times we are so close like never in history to actually achieve world peace!) But further, to rally the global population’s commitment to the only objective and duty of our generation’s purpose: The replenishing of the natural world and rediscovering the harmony within ourselves and so to permanently assure a life in freedom and the move from survival to sustainability. With it, the responsibility and the respect regained by the people of the world, breaking reductive and diminishing control placed upon us by fake democracy in the grip of global unsustainable and uncontrolled trade practices. +++(nr 17 butterfly) This is the convention of wellbeing, and indeed that´s really what it´s all about. I just would like to invite you in this speech to think broader, larger, on a much larger scale, and consider the wellbeing of the planet and all life on it. In this respect, this initiative to find a focus point to move all of humanity higher and leave survival finally behind us is not so different from what your industry is about, it´s just a little broader!


When people come to you for treatment, you create a focus point to make them better, address their specific needs and hope that when they leave, there is a lasting benefit and if so, the will go and be better, do better, and they will come back! So the day for life as a global holiday is very similar, it is a day to make us all better and provide thoughts how to use our regained energy for the greater good: A focus point to honour the balanced path reflected in the natural truth of life, A focus point to continuously remind us of that objective. A focus point for a philosophy in tune with our natural world, to focus on that harmony. A focus point to the next generation and a focus point to celebrate, as we can clearly see: we overcame survival, moved higher, moved towards a new era of sustainability. ---(WEB NR 3 Predator) We can sense the world needs a new vision. We know the planet and the human race is in deep trouble. The extremes in the climate are a constant reminder, and how the world is governed, how humanity interacts with each other, the exploitation of the environment, the depletion of our habitat, etc., everything is longing for reform.


All problems have become one. We see the population pressure and the increasing resource and space requirements for a fast growing humanity, unfortunately though, without greater responsibility and greater awareness. And so it seems, we are just multiplying to feed the machine, have a few good free moments but unable to move ahead consistently and find the paradise that is yet abundant around us. The communication evolution however has brought us much closer together and we can see that the boundaries of individual states are no longer valid, as population movements now found additional electronic ways, to create communities and broader involvements, but still: a closer cooperation between nations, apart from primitive trade agreements, and the idea to move humanity ahead as a whole, evades us greatly. Our multi-national organisations, like the UN, the EU, African Union and others are still tools of an old, all powerful and visionless establishment, and exclusively focused on negotiating trade interests based on the pressure and in a framework imposed by the wealth from the still all powerful victors of a war that ended in 1945. (the western market system) What is missing due to that pressure is a school of thought opening and reforming these organisations up to knowledge from across the world , to find new interactive human possibilities. What is missing is the benefit of free developing equal opportunities to participate in world affairs adapted to the respective cultural heritage of the regions of this planet.


What is missing is the empowerment of the regions and the respect for the people of those respective regions. What is missing is a commitment to engage in wise, proactive and enduring remedies and not through intervention to try to restore a system that is truly broken. There seems no thought spared to actually invest and sponsor nations that on trade terms have nothing to trade with! And there is no trade obligations to honour what is fundamental to human nature: the good. So how can we expect moving ahead towards a new era when the comprehension of a world united is missing ? How can we move to a new era when our essential attention is focused on exploitation: the resources, what’s under and above the land, the animals, plants, each other? (web nr 23 earth) And all what makes us and connects us in a holistic completeness; connects us to each other and to our natural world: is not understood, addressed only as a pity secondary consideration; or becoming a commodity where some well-to-do nations can invest more than others, towards the well-being of their citizens and the healing of the planet and themselves.


Now why do you at this convention need to hear that? What is so important and wise in your profession that has endured through generations and is essential and true to humanity? It´s the therapist-patient relationship. It is reflective of ancient appreciation. The transfer of knowledge from the one in wisdom of remedies for the benefit of mankind. In eastern lands there still is a widespread respect and acknowledgment, where the tradition could be maintained uninterrupted. (web nr 14 water) But it is more and more challenged by the western way of life, a philosophy of cure when sick and not to prevent sickness. Symptomatically on a global scale, the same principle is applied: to cure when sick and not to prevent sickness and the question remains: Would the world be in the same mess, if eastern wisdom, reflecting natural wisdom would have had the chance to be included and applied? Or should we ask differently: what would have happened if in the west we did not have the Catholic Church inquisition, the rampages of greed under the cross in South America and further indoctrination that destroyed all knowledge of natural healing? Would we not be better?


Is it not a Christian way of thinking; dominating world philosophy, medicine, business and yes you will know it: the well-being of the planet that has brought us to the brink of collapse? ---- It is understood that with the disastrous results from past trade practices and the collapse of nearly the whole world economy, the business community has nothing more to add, or say, or control . There are no more favours to be had. It should be out of the question that the everyday taxpayer has to fork out the bill for excessive greed while ´´those guys are kicking it in the Caribbean.´´ The change for trade will be to accept responsibility for all of mankind and not exclusively and undemocratically only for their shareholders. This is called evolution. To understand that trade itself never had the answers and never could have. Thus they voluntarily are to free our representatives from the influence of their lobby groups and their interest study groups and rather focus on sponsoring uninfluenced education across the board, so the population can elect representatives that are widely educated and independent, have the interest of the people and the planet at heart, have the vision to move away from degrading exploitation towards sustainability including everything and everyone: the whole spectrum of life , leading us to new shores.


Our representatives in return have to acquire a much greater integrity and accountability and openness to understand their role. Creating a platform together, onto where all of mankind as can stand on. (web. Nr 4 humanities luck) Obedience towards that goal in finding a continuance undiminished in sustainability for all of us ,this is the obligation. As a result: A truly inspired humanity, with the right concepts that is found abundantly not only in all indigenous life, but broader in our deeper self. ---(web. Nr 5 unseen) Until now we were corrupted, indoctrinated and confused and in complete exploitation, finding ourselves in a desert: Depleted of natural resources, depleted in bio diversity, depleted in interactive diversity, defeated in visionary ideas and thinking? And so we can ask ourselves what are we doing it all for, when we know that our every effort , our every breath we take is not sustainable and will lead not only to our demise, but further: endangering all life on the planet?! And if we have a chance to succeed, it will be a life of diminishment and restrictions, a life of directed obligation and no self determination. A controlled existence.


Already international corporations are trying to control larger and larger shares of essential services, goods, and resources. The climate change and sustainability issues has been high jacked already, as even Ngo´s and organisation for the protection of bio diversity are not aware that addressing these fundamental causes of our time cannot be addressed simply in mechanical terms, where at best we switch our economy over to be sustainable and leave the market system how it is and how it was: a uncontrolled dinosaur with a potential to destroy and undermine what is essentially good in man, continuously diminishing the population to serving humanoids. Humanity must understand that trade and commerce needs to serve humanity as a whole and globally, not restrictive shareholders behind closed doors. It is not free trade and our representatives must start guiding world trade to actually support mankind. This is the reason for the ecological and human mess we are in today. And we are just supposed to accept it and move on? Where to? Soon indeed the only freedom we will have left uninfluenced is in another dimension! ( 16 eclipse helix elixir)

I think it is time to look at our achievements and activities in all fields, with some unpretentious clarity, and for a moment overcome our perceptions:

We are all exposed to an economy that apparently is the abstraction from early human existence where , as we were told, have bashed each other over the head to achieve greater survival.


So instead of rocks, we use money. The market system indiscriminately accept everyone, if he obeys by the rules that change whenever necessary and we think it is the fairest humanity has to offer? We still think it is a free system? But what it actually is: it’s a pyramidal scheme that needs competitive unsustainable and immoral growth in every nation and finds its balance within that fake order. It was successful to operate on that basis and bring development and prosperity to the world, unfortunately the cost life as a whole had to pay is so high, no one can afford to pay it as it is destroying our world, our habitat, that of the animals, the plants and the planet.

So in that regard nothing has changed since caveman times, it just got much worse: we still bash each other over the head only this time by taking space and making life hard as possible for those that are weaker, and if all fails we change the rules, but worse go to war and find good reason to do so, while pretending adhering to highest principles of humanitarian freedom and equal rights.

We are still surviving. How is that possible? Were there not some prophets that have enlightened us over the past years? Now we know that the market system today likes to pretend it is adaptable to all nations and to all cultures and faith.


How does a business of a big company look like? You have the president, than the board members, than the managers all the way down to the guy how turns the lights off. It is a pyramidal system and it grows larger on the national scale through the stock market and the national GDP. The Catholic Church on the words of their prophet works the same way! You have your pope and your cardinals, your archbishops and bishops all the way down to the little father who acquires information through confessions: aah! Yes, Information!! And this is undeniably the faith of the western nations that have brought use the global market economy. There are nations that take pride in their own faith and cultures and are very ambiguous about accepting the faith of others. Notably proud nations of Muslim faith and Buddhism and Hinduism and countless others, but all have not much say in choosing maybe another model to do business, one that does not obey such strict hierarchical rules and seems to go against their own sense of truth. Is there really no conflict with the knowledge of the elders of each faith group? Can we continue to say smiling while exploiting everything: ´´ah but I am Sikh, I am Zulu, I am Muslim or I am just man: and this is just business?!`` 14 Isn´t it just perception, or is there an obligation for every nation to seek an increase in growth every year? What about the obligations of nations to obey fiscal guidelines set by banking, governed by representatives of those rich Christian nations to maintain a status quo, resulting in maintaining their supremacy! (WEB nr 6 AMATÖR) These questions are valid today because the system itself has brought us all to the brink of collapse and consumerism and greed have shown not having the answers but indeed are like a big machine turning our planet in a desert of monoculture, be it production, food ,people ; and having no culturally based integrity, nor a faith based one, nor any morals at all. As an example out of a sea of immorality in trade:`` Monsanto``: a company brought to the fore in war in Vietnam and Laos by ´´Agent orange´´, but turning their attention today to controlling the seeds and gens of the world, exclusively! But much closer to home we can see further activities through large supermarkets controlling the distribution of foods, only to raise the prices at will and becoming pillars of an unsustainable economy. ´´Woolworth´´ is a good example, controlling large sections of the Australian food market distribution and in the same time is the biggest owner of gambling machines in the same country! (One armed bandit!) These questions are also valid as the paradigms the western business practices are based on, in reflection of their Christian faith, can’t be in line with what their prophet had intended, but got high-jacked and corrupted. 15

So, it is about opening the pyramidal system, flattening it, creating a platform, as said before, for all people of the world to have equal input, equal responsibilities and for trade to provide that in an orderly and supervised fashion, and in doing so safeguarding the peoples prosperity and their own! One knows that enlightened ones, prophets and their like are blessed through a complete understanding and harmony of the natural world. For the western faith, their prophet certainly had other ideas than the religious extremism in Europe to establish the faith in the middle ages, where all natural healers were burned alive and all natural knowledge was destroyed. And somehow inexplicably similar the western business model today is engaged in the same exercise! So a world is ruled by business practices that are a reflection of a faith, high-jacked and wrongly interpreted and the people are rather abandoning the faith but unable to replace a basic need for mankind with the true light within! So evidently it is clear that a system that copies its faith and rules on wrong paradigms will lead us where we at, to our demise in disunity and chaos. Do you now understand the potential that is within your part of the world and within your profession?


Faith is a living reflection of the natural world and it is gentile, not forceful. We can unite the world on a global scale if we focus on natural wisdom that exists in all faith groups. We can overcome our difference and find larger broader open ground to prosper in freedom, respect and in peace. This is the common denominator we ought to seek globally. Uniting the world on a gobal scale if we focus on the natural wisdom that exists in all faith groups To clarify the discrepancy between the modern and the natural, in Australia we see a direct confrontation between the two worlds: the natural sustainability at its best through the way of life of the indigenous people, and the western system. ( WEB nr8 dark matter) Interestingly vast riches are taken not shared, the indigenous life is insolvably condemned. The traditional owners have the rights to live on their land(how kind), but still have no right onto what is under their land! So again we are reminded of the burning of the witches reflecting our market system. The white exploiters adhering to the same faith, the indigenous people at one, living in natural truth, but on the brink of extinction. As is our entire planet! 17 Buddhism itself is a reflection of the natural world and a good example of everyday wisdom and enlightenment, but so were all other faith founders: being at one. (web. Nr11 the wall and the fire) Now if there is some truth in that, would it not be time to change that system in such a way so it can reflect that universal natural truth?! Would it not be of much greater benefit to admit that the truth of all cultures and faith derives from a spirit and harmony found in natural world and universally respect the right of all life, be it human ,animals or plants to exist in anticipation until times when we as human are becoming more aware, more enlightened ? Can that not be the globally unifying philosophy that stands behind the global public holiday everyone can adhere to? So understanding irrespective of our different faith, our first obligation is to look after the life and change our trade and commerce practices, our interactions with each other and our interaction with the natural world to respect that fact. Than it is clear that happiness and prosperity will be upon us and this time sustainably and wise. I think it just might be time to overcome that now. Now that we have seen the devastation we man can provoke, not only in killing our selves, but now killing the whole of the planet. And in that regard by the way, a greater divine certainly never was with us.


We have seen putting our faith in controlled rules of engagement to regulate our interactions with each other is not productive and not successful. We trusted in the free market system only to be brought to the brink of collapse. We trusted in democracy and the election of our representatives only to see them taking part in profit gathering and corruption, selling out to big business and lobby groups. We trusted in multi-national organisations like the Un , the Eu etc, that were created to make life better for all of humanity, but are only organs for the dominant nations maintaining their grip on world development. As we see world development is not sustainable as a result, so one can say the whole system failed us all. You can appreciate the importance of ASEAN, and the respective wisdom of every member country so scared by past colonial whipping, to solve the worlds problem: Look at the vibrancy of life in your region, your culture, your festivals, your street fairs, your small business enterprises, it is a flower, a bright light, look how many holidays you have here!


(in New Zealand, I tried to warm the government to the idea of a global holiday. The answer was : ``no more holidays we have to be more productive!`` A nation of 2 mio people can’t afford to be vibrant? Street fairs are rare as communities need insurance companies to insure the events! What ensues is a diminished land, boring, monotone, restricted and depressed. Does the government think that is the way to raise production!? It is without vision.) So please appreciate the importance of south, east Asia, India, Korea Japan, etc. as there are red lands to the north (China)and to the south (Australia)that still do not want to understand the principle of natural harmony , essential to the future of mankind. And for both countries with their heritage and their natural magnificence it is just shameful. Is it that what the old masters of wisdom in China deserve? Is it that what the indigenous people of Australia deserve? (web nr 13 fusion reflection) Mankind replaced: uneducated and left in the dark for the benefit of feeding the machine?


How can a united Europe have allowed and sponsored trade migration to one undemocratic large country, when the whole of the eastern European states and North Africa were longing for production? Why are they still continuing favouring one over the other? But the result for Europe was a massive migration and so an increased population pressure flowing into the heart. The dissatisfaction of the uneducated was evident and fascist ideas evidently re-emerged, as they ask why do we need to share our meagre advantages and space becoming scares around them? But worse a trend away from multinational unity is progressing as we speak. Is it so that before giving in to wisdom, the perception of power rather takes everything down instead?! And for Chinese wisdom, it has now become a dictation of western failed socialist ideas and resembling so much past colonial eras, where the value of life and man was… nothing much. It´s clear the whole of the business practices are to be rethought. Trust in trade was sorely misplaced, while on the other hand, regulations were massively imposed on the population, depressing their freedom and their ability for innovation, destroying small community wisdom and human interaction: in short reducing the population to tools, well organised, well disciplined, even well dressed, responsibly indoctrinated, but not well . 21
Not well as fulfilled humans, not well as knowing ones responsibilities towards happiness, and having no idea about global well-being. One hopes that the only way out of the disaster will be a move away from regulating the population but guiding business ,banks, multi-national corporations and achieving an unprecedented integrity and openness in doing so, as that is the only way to resolve and tame the beast that is destroying everything irresponsibly in the big wide world and in our little self. The perception that unregulated trade creation of wealth will benefit the rest of the population is flawed, as we could find out and still are reeling from, one just have to have a glimpse at the business data today and we all know, it´s not getting better in a flash and never will if we not change our whole concept of interaction. But we should not engage with the multi-national thieves of our common wealth with anger, what they were doing is in human nature. (web nr 9 feathered) The world has changed and people can no longer accept the misconception that the world and our interaction and prosperity is relying on the western business model as it is today. It has not worked to serve a fake master of uncontrolled greed and favouritism.


If we look at some Scandinavian states that have greater integrity to run the country on a philosophy to create maximum assistance to their population, we can see a dramatic difference to colonised nations like Australia and China, where the emphasis is on controlling the people. The education standards are much higher, the harmony in the population is much greater. This said, the well-being of Scandinavians relies on the high amount of tax contributions from the citizens, while in controlled countries the exploitation and the choices for the population are truly inadequate, as the representation and thus the respect of the people is to weak. So as a conclusion it is to be noted, that even in most thoughtful operating countries the scourge of big business and the inability of our representatives to reign them in and make them contribute is much greater terms to the wellbeing of mankind is still having a detrimental effect across the board. So we can understand that a much greater need exists to unite the world above national state interest, as guidance must be applied and directed to all trade practises across the globe. But for these new paradigms to work , open access to the population in the decision making processes and undisputable clarity and transparency from elected governments is needed. I imagine this fact still comes as a shock , but the planet is in danger because of human lack and will to reign in and direct trade. So it is clear : trust in peoples representatives is naïve and dangerous, but trade does not have a second chance.


Its logical that individual global companies can´t have a foresight, to on the one hand compete against each other and on the other have an environmental protection agenda, incorporating a vision to the benefit of all of mankind, when even their own countries have no idea, when even the United Nation has no idea, when all multi-governmental cooperation structures have no idea! When we really want to overcome the main burning issue of today: climate change, the endangerment of our existence and a reflection on how we have lived since thousands of years: survival; and move towards a sustainable world, we do not have a choice. If life as a whole and the planet as a whole is endangered, the debate becomes non-negotiable. (web nr 20 hot smoke) But maybe it is much better to see it as the greatest opportunity we had in history to finally move from survival to sustainability and follow in the footsteps of our natural ancestors to leave no footprint, to be truly evolved and come full circle. That indeed is the goal of trade and commerce today, and in doing so serving the interest of all life. This also is than the goal of our representatives and of ourselves to make sure we adhere to that basic necessity and leave this world when we go in better shape than when we arrived.


(web. Nr22 go) First steps have already been taken to address the matter, but we ought to keep in mind that we can´t resolve the issue just in technical terms, create and redress our production towards sustainability and zero emission without addressing the way we interact with each other, and we can not address both concept when not on a unified global scale. You see, it is all about regaining respect and responsibility for all man and women on this planet. We have been diminished by global trade, it is about regaining and reversing that trend and become greater to ourselves. Who can direct sustainability priorities to the areas in the world where it is most needed? We can see that there is only one: the UN. Unfortunately the UN today is an organisation that lucks respect, integrity and credibility like no other. It has become a playground for the rich nations to represent their interest and in the current climate, it is a joke: thank you Mr Bush to have made it so clear to all of us! To address those fundamental issues of our time we need to reform the UN into an organisation that actually can deliver on what is essential to our future and that of our children, and regain the intent and the spirit in which it has been created: to make life better for all the people of the world. In doing so we the people can demand direct access and direct input on the issues of the day.


We can demand having chosen representatives elected by the people of the world away from the appointed government plunderers. We can demand that the government representatives are serving the interest of all the people away from their respective nations. We can demand that they will operate in complete transparency. We can expect them to dissolve a security council veto and give it to the representatives elected by the people. And we can demand that their sole occupation is to further mankind , the regeneration of the planet and to regulate and guide multinational international big business and trade towards that cause. And last but certainly first in thought: a continued effort to strengthen and sponsor small trade and regional enterprises, to lift and strengthen the culture and inter-activeness, education and natural harmony and ultimately create responsibility for ones habitat in the regions around the world and assure the protection and the resulting happiness within one´s bio divers environment. (web. Nr15 light well) This is what the UN day for peace , the 21-sept. As a global public holiday stand for. That is what the day for life stand for. A day where humanity has taken control, has emancipated, has awoken and taken responsibility and thrown away the diminishment that was put upon mankind since so long.


It will be a holiday every year, thus a focus point to check how the progress is going, how the improvement of fixing the planet and the interactive relations are working. To shame who is still at war or tries to intimidate and take over, steal what doesn´t belong to him, who cannot share, who has not understood the message that we as humans are to move from survival to a higher reach, and for now until brighter ones come about, the first step is the protection of the planet, sustainability that has lifted us out of survival and provided a peaceful prosperous free and happy existence for our children. This is the reflection of an unknown divine, globally! ------ With that in mind humanity has won…we have won! -------- So now you have the complete picture and can appreciate the necessity to find a focus point in time to permanently set a mark that will leave misconceptions and perceptions and interpretation of truth to the leisure of the individual, but to unite our effort and move from survival to sustainability including all life, we just have to understand the natural truth and act accordingly and with the knowledge and the truth that is within all of us.


This is the day for life where mankind moved from survival to sustainability. It is the year 2012, or in Thailand 2555,congratulations This is evolution! Please appreciate it sounds true to my existence, and if so, it also will sound true to your existence as we are the same, our existence is shared, interconnected, with a collective consciousness. Thank you and be well.

(web. Nr 26 photo of year, day for life 2012, hidden behind security camera : you and your greater self)